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Dog Discovered Alive In Washington Mudslide Rubble

A chocolate Lab named Buddy is boosting his family's hope after a deadly mudslide in Washington state over the weekend. As the muck began to settle, sisters Helen and Irene braved the property where their other sister, Linda McPherson, went missing on Saturday -- property that has been in their family for five generations. The sisters and Irene's grandson, Quinton, walked around looking for any salvageable family heirlooms when they heard a faint noise that caught their attention.

"We just heard a whining, like a dog sound," Quinton told King 5 News. Beneath the rubble, they found Buddy, scared, scarred and alone. The family believes the dog was pushed 100 feet through the mud. With the help of on-site rescue crews, the family was able to pull the Lab our and bring him home, where he is recovering with loved ones.

"We needed a win," said one of Helen and Irene's relatives. "So it's all good now."