Shelter Dog Adopts Her Best Friend’s Puppies After She Passes Away

She has eight of her own puppies too.

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When Lily Rose was pulled from Fulton County Animal Services in Georgia, she was in pretty bad shape. She had heartworms and mange - and she was also pregnant.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC found out about Lily Rose from a video taken at the shelter, and as soon as they realized she was pregnant, they knew they had to get her out of there. The rescue quickly arranged for transport and got Lily Rose into the care of their vet partner in Maryland.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Almost as soon as she arrived, Lily Rose went into labor, but something wasn't right.

For some reason, her babies just weren't coming. X-rays showed they were moving around and ready to come out, but as more and more time passed and Lily Rose become more and more uncomfortable, action had to be taken.

Vets knew that doing a C-section was risky, but it was their only option. In the end, Lily Rose had eight healthy puppies, but sadly she didn't survive the surgery herself.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

"Such an emotional roller coaster knowing mom was gone and yet still trying to save her 8 living puppies," Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wrote in a Facebook post.

Everyone who knew Lily Rose was heartbroken to say goodbye, but they were determined to give her puppies the life she would have wanted for them.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

"We will never forget this happy, smiley girl, but all we can do to honor her now is to fight like heck to save her babies," the rescue wrote. "We promise you Lily Rose, we will move mountains for them as we did for you!"

After Lily Rose passed, the orphaned puppies were so tiny and desperately needed a mom. Luckily, a friend of Lily Rose was more than willing to care for them.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Pocahontas was rescued from a flooded basement by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She also gave birth recently, and was still staying with her puppies at the vet in Maryland when Lily Rose arrived. The pair met and hung out before Lily Rose passed away, and since Pocahontas's babies are currently being weaned, she took over the task of caring for Lily Rose's babies, too.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

One might think that caring for 16 puppies would be overwhelming, but it hasn't fazed Pocahontas. She's been a fantastic mother to both her own babies and Lily Rose's - all the puppies are healthy and doing fine.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC