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Loyal Dog Determined To Save His Friend Trapped In Slide

<p><a href="https://imgur.com/fqcRBtj" target="_blank">Imgur/incendiasanguis </a><a href="https://imgur.com/fqcRBtj"></a></p>

What's a dog to do when he finds himself inside the kiddie slide at a public park and can't seem to make his way down? Get a little help from his friend, of course!

In a video posted to Reddit, a golden retriever seems to have gotten himself stuck in a slide. He's clearly made it part of the way down, with some coaxing from him human, as you can see by the end of his leash dangling down toward the opening, but he refuses to budge any further.

Luckily, his friend comes to the rescue. Another retriever swoops in and grabs hold of the leash, pulling his buddy to safety.

Hopefully that pup will feel more confident going down now that he knows how it works!

Watch the full video below.

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