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For Owners, Every Day Is About Our Dogs

It's National Dog Day, and there are countless reasons to celebrate the remarkable relationship so many of us have with our canine friends. My beagle rescue Lily joined me for today's video blog, but, as you'll see, she was drowsy and decided to let me carry the conversation.

A day to celebrate dogs is warranted, but it's also an important reminder that our relationship with dogs is uneven, in the United States and elsewhere, and that we've still got work to do.

Puppy mills, dogfighting, the use of dogs in invasive research, and the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals are just some of the problems we must turn around. But we are making progress on all fronts, including an announcement yesterday that with the help of The HSUS's Kansas state director, Midge Grinstead, a small town in south central Kansas is shutting down its carbon monoxide gas chamber for euthanasia. Just a few dozen to go before we finally end that practice in the United States.

In this video, I talk about our complicated though improving relationship with the first animal that humans domesticated.