Photos Of Dog Dads Who Are Completely In Love

While Father's Day yesterday was a time to hail men who have stepped up to nurture and raise and sacrifice for their children, we'd be remiss not to mention another very special kind of dad.

The kind of hero the world needs more than ever.

Matt Montes of Mission Miracle K9 Rescue with Ziggy | Mission K9 Rescue

This is a celebration of dog dads - the men who have done it all for their canine companions.

From rescuing them to raising them to just making their lives better, these are just a few men who give it all for their dogs.

John Unger and Schoep in 2012 | YouTube/Steve Grzanich

You've probably already heard of the long list of celebrity dog lovers who inspire us all to do good by dogs.

There's Ryan Gosling and his best friend George, who share a bond the actor often brings up during interviews.

Gosling was even spotted last year giving George a sip from his water bottle while working on a hot outdoor set.

And Jon Stewart, whose love for animals prompted him and his wife Tracey to found a sanctuary in New Jersey. Stewart is often seen with his three-legged pal, a rescued dog named Champ.

Then, of course, there are the less-heralded heroes who devote their lives to rescuing dogs from desperate circumstances and give them a chance for a real life.

Marley's Mutts

Like Marley's Mutts founder Zach Skow, who credits his dogs for raising him from the depths of addiction and illness. Through his rescue, Skow has gone on to rescue countless dogs in California.

Marley's Mutts

Like Skow, Matt Montes specializes in taking on the tough cases. Earlier this year Montes paid a visit to a shelter in Texas. He found a dog named Toto who had been classified by staff as "mean" and likely to bite. Montes carried Toto out of the shelter in his arms.

Matt Montes and Toto | Mission Miracle K9 Rescue

Montes found a forever home for Toto - she had had puppies just days ago - and he continues to help shelter dogs through his Mission Miracle K9 Rescue.

But then there are the dads who fly under the radar. The casual heroes you see every day, whether strolling in the park, chasing a frisbee together or just jumping in a lake.

Brandy Kinnear

Like Ronan Freeman, who spent last weekend with his girl Lulu, aka Princess Lulukins Fiona Freeman. The pair were spotted at a Toronto beach on Father's Day engaged in heavy father-daughter time.

Wendy Garcia

"She was the runt and had a heart murmur so nobody wanted her," Freeman's partner, Wendy Garcia, tells The Dodo.

Since Garcia travels frequently for work, Freeman finds himself spending a lot of time with Lulu.

Wendy Garcia

"He calls it 'taking Lu out on a date,'" Garcia adds. "They wander the city and hang out all the time."

Dave Kinnear took his boy, a dog named Willie, far from the madding crowd on Father's Day weekend. Willie, rescued from an Ontario animal shelter when he was 5 months old, follows Kinnear everywhere.

Brandy Kinnear

Even if that happens to be a cold lake on Georgian Bay.

Brandy Kinnear

"Dave was just getting wet on a beautiful day with a huge splash," his wife, Brandy Kinnear, tells The Dodo.

And where Dave goes, Willie follows.

Brandy Kinnear

Dog daddies of the world, this double cannonball is for you.

Brandy Kinnear

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