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Dog Rescued From Cruelest Piercing Imaginable

A dog was utterly helpless when somebody decided to fasten a carabiner to his chest by piercing his skin with the thick metal device.

Why would anyone do this?

It's not just an abhorrent act of dominance over animals. It's not just causing unnecessary pain to an individual. This image represents a complete failure to recognize the worth of another living creature.

While we don't know who did this to the poor pup, we know he luckily crossed paths with a group of caring individuals.

With his skin still stained with blood, the dog wandered the streets of Milan until he was discovered by Taxi Dog, a rescue group based in Sassari, Italy. After gaining the pierced dog's trust, the group took him in for medical examination.

Once at the hospital, a doctor immediately removed the carabiner and cleaned the wound, according to Taxi Dog's Facebook post.