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Greyhounds Crash At Racetrack, Other Dogs Stop Racing To See If They're OK

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A heartbreaking scene at a racetrack shows how sensitive greyhounds really are.

Horrific footage from a U.K. greyhound racetrack shows some of the dogs crashing into a gate that was not properly removed. The scene became even more wrenching when the other competing dogs stopped racing and turned around to check on their fallen comrades.

Taken on Monday at Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium in east London, the video shows at least three dogs crashing into the gate, and one, reportedly named Borwick Magic, being carried off the track while the dogs who had returned to help him watch.

According to the animal advocacy group Greyt Exploitations, the race was made void. The bill for the event now says simply "no race" beside each dog's name.

(Romford Greyhound Stadium)

Dog racing is no stranger to accidents, broken bones, paralysis and fatalities. But happily, the sport is now becoming a thing of the past. In the U.S., a total of 39 states have dog racing bans, while operators say it's no longer profitable.

"Greyhound racing is out of sync with our modern values, the way we look at dogs today, and it's failing economically," an anti-dog racing campaigner, Carey Theil, told The Dodo earlier this week. "There's no doubt in my mind that it will be phased out in the United States. The only question is how long that takes."