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Dog Shows Up At Scene Of Accident To Comfort His Injured Owner

There are few situations that can't be improved by the sweet, simple presence of a friendly dog. Thankfully, that's a happy truth our canine companions seem well aware of and are eager to abide by.

Here's a story which proves that better than most.

On Wednesday, a municipal bus in Medellin, Colombia, had a mechanical failure that caused it to veer off the road and collide with a structure. Thirty-eight people were injured as a result, fortunately none seriously. But even amid all that, things soon took a heartwarming turn.

After learning of the accident, the wife of one of the victims rushed to the scene where passengers were being treated, but she didn't come alone. The family's dog, Lucas, decided to come along, too.

Lucas went immediately to his owner's side to offer comfort and make sure he was all right.

As El Colombiano reports, the dog then continued to stay near until his owner was transported to the hospital and even tried to join him for the ride.

No word yet on the man's condition, but it's nice to know he has such a faithful companion at home awaiting his recovery.

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