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Dog Who Fell Off A Cliff Reunites With Her Tearful Owner

Sheila, a black Lab, was out on a hike with her owner in the rocky wilderness of Tacoma, Washington, on Saturday, when the dog slipped and fell - 150 feet off a cliff.

Her owner called the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) for help, but darkness was falling, and any attempt to recover Sheila would have to happen in the pitch black.

Rescuers arrived as darkness fell over the woods.

Rescuers tried to figure out the best way to find Sheila after her fall. | Washington State Animal Response Team

At first they weren't sure what to do - wait until the first light of the morning or immediately go after the stranded dog, who could be injured. There was a chance Sheila had fallen all the way to the strip of beach below, too, and the rescue team was worried about the rising tide.

The team scaled down this rocky slope in search of the black Lab. | Washington State Animal Response Team

"At the beginning, we'd very occasionally heard barks we felt were probably Sheila's," the group wrote on Facebook. This heartened rescuers as they decided to rig ropes to scale down the drop, despite the darkness.

But as the rescue team and Sheila's owner kept calling, the barks stopped.

Rescuers hurried. They outfitted themselves in harnesses to scale down the rocks, and turned on flashlights attached to their helmets.

At first rescuers could hear barking, but then the barking stopped. | Washington State Animal Response Team

"We'd see the glints of the beer cans and occasionally something else," the group recounted.

One rescuer, as he neared the bottom, only saw the glinting light from broken glass bottles. But then he felt certain he saw eyes, the group wrote.

The man searched through the pitch darkness and finally found Sheila on a little outcropping just big enough for her to sit on. "[H]er legs [were] braced in front of her," WASART described. "She had likely had been in that position since around 6 p.m. when she'd fallen and it was now about 2 a.m."

Sheila was discovered on a tiny outcropping, just big enough for her to sit on. | Washington State Animal Response Team

Sheila was embraced by rescuers who scrambled back up a rocky path, holding her tight. A veterinarian was there to examine Sheila for injuries.

Sheila waited for hours for people to come find her. | Washington State Animal Response Team

Rescuers did not get home until around 4 a.m. that night.

Dehydrated and exhausted, but otherwise OK, Sheila is one lucky dog. | Washington State Animal Response Team

"Sheila was dehydrated and exhausted but otherwise OK," WASART wrote. "We were happy to escort Sheila to her owner. Both seemed very happy to see the other."

Sheila reunited with her tearful owner. | Washington State Animal Response Team

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