Dog's Burns Will Heal, But His Broken Heart May Never Recover

Some wounds don't heal easily. But we're not talking about the chemical kind that covered most of this dog's body when he was found roaming the streets in a state of shock.

Thanks to the efforts of RSPCA Victoria, in Australia, those raw, excruciating patches of scalded flesh will eventually fade.

Jasper's real hurt runs down to his core. A dog's best friend did this to him.

A human being poured searing chemicals on this golden retriever's face and back, burning away his soft coat and threatening not only skin but the nerves and organs beneath.

"His wounds were shocking," an RSPCA veterinarian said in a release. "We're so lucky he didn't lose his eyes."

Now it's Jasper's heart that may be in trouble.

"In our care, Jasper was suspicious of humans and fearful of punishment," RSPCA Victoria wrote in a Facebook post. "He was also unsure of how to act with toys. It was heartbreaking."

Jasper's journey to healing will ultimately boil down to one question: Can you mend a golden retriever's broken heart?

Jasper's head and back are covered in chemical burns.RSPCA Victoria

Jasper's head and back are covered in chemical burns. | RSPCA Victoria

In foster care, according to RSPCA Victoria, he "still collects toys in a pile to guard. He doesn't understand that he can play fetch. He's over a year old but it's like he was left alone a lot."

And yes, he frightens easily.

But Jasper no longer needs to fear the ghosts of his past. Uplifted from the streets and surrounded by love, he has a real chance of becoming the dog he was born to be - and getting a real best friend.

You can support the Victoria SPCA's efforts to help dogs like Jasper be dogs again by visiting its website.