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Dog Realizes He's Being Watched, Gets Totally Self-Conscious

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osgyDoGVDXc" target="_blank">Youtube/America's Funniest Home Videos</a> </p>

Dogs all have their guilty pleasures, the things they like to do when the humans aren't around. This pup was engaging in a little scratching against one of the kitchen cabinets, which he thought no one knew about ... until someone did.

The dog is just scratching away, minding his own business ...

Youtube/America's Funniest Home Videos

... when he realizes that he's been discovered. He decides if he just doesn't move, maybe no one will remember this ever happened.

Youtube/America's Funniest Home Videos

Sorry dog - humans are pretty sneaky. Guess you're going to have to find yourself a new scratching spot!

Check out the full video below: