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Dog Saved Just In Time After Leash Gets Stuck In Elevator

Our pets rely on us to keep them safe from harm - and as this footage proves, that's a responsibility which should never be taken lightly, even for an second.

YouTube/Ben Duke

Harrowing surveillance video has emerged showing the instant a little dog nearly lost his life due to his owner's momentary failure to account for him. In the clip, a man is seen entering a hotel elevator holding his dog on a leash, not realizing that the pet was still outside when the doors closed and the lift began to rise.

Tragedy was avoided, however, as hotel manager Ben Duke walked upon the scene and understood the danger. He grabbed the trapped dog and snapped the leash just in the knick of time.

The dog is seen afterwards looking frightened but unharmed - all thanks to Duke's quick thinking. Moments later, the animal's owner appeared again, visibly devastated over how close he came to losing his pet.

"He was crying and was so grateful" Duke told WXII 12 News. "He just came up and hugged me."

This isn't the first time elevator riders have inadvertently put their pets in harm's way like this, and sadly it's proven fatal before. Fortunately, such incidents are easy to avoid by recognizing the danger of elevators, and following a few simple guidelines to keep pets safe around them.