Dog Refuses To Go ANYWHERE Without His Favorite Blanket

<p>Caroline Tillman </p>

Gus is a one-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever from Baltimore, Maryland, who is just like every other dog ... except for one thing.

He carries his favorite blanket EVERYWHERE.

Seriously, everywhere.

"He has always carried something around - ball, stuffed animal, sock - but about four months ago it became the gigantic blanket that he ends up tripping over," Gus's mom, Caroline Tillman, told The Dodo.

Caroline Tillman

Gus always chooses to carry the same blanket around, but doesn't freak out or get uncomfortable if he can't find it, and always has lots of other backup blankets to choose from.

"I think he developed this habit because he likes to bring us 'presents' and he realized that this was a super comfy present to bring around," Tillman said. "I think he's proud of carrying such a large blanket."

With his love of carrying things around, you'd think Gus would also love playing fetch ... but he hasn't quite figured that out yet.

"He still hasn't gotten the knack of actually bringing the ball back," Tillman said.

For now, it seems like Gus is content enough just fetching his blanket - a skill he has most definitely mastered.