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Newborn Puppy Headed To Pet Store Was Adopted By The Best Big Brothers Instead

Pikelet and Patty Cakes are two brothers whose family was fostering ducks for a while, and they just couldn't get enough of them.

Once the ducklings got a little older, they were adopted and sent to live at their new forever home, where the brothers are welcome to visit anytime.

The dogs were sad about the ducklings leaving, and so not long after, their mom brought them home ... a potato.

Potato the puppy was only about 5 weeks old and weighed only 1.2 kg (about 2.6 pounds) when he was rescued, along with his siblings, from being sold to a pet store. Wollongong Animal Rescue Network in Australia received a call about the puppies in the beginning of April, and wouldn't give up until all seven of them were safe.

The puppies were extremely ill, suffering from worms, fleas, mange and open wounds from being kept in deplorable conditions. They were in need of immediate care, and once they were cleaned up a bit, they were sent to recover in foster homes.

Pikelet and Patty Cakes are already GREAT at being big brothers ...

... so adjusting to Potato was no problem at all.

Potato is a little different than the ducklings they were used to ...

... but he's definitely just as fun ...

... and maybe even a little bit cuter. Shhhh, don't tell!

Check out a video of Potato and his siblings being rescued below: