Dog Brings Food To His Injured Friend While They Wait For Help To Arrive

There's no overstating the incredible love and loyalty that dogs have for their owners. But those qualities shine no less bright even when all they have is one another.

Indeed, that's how a nameless stray dog came to be known as Hero.

Last month, rescuers from the SPCA in South Africa were alerted to a pair of stray dogs who had been seen huddled alongside a railway line near the city of Durban. When Inspector Lucas Moloi arrived to help, he'd expected to find that both animals had been injured in a train strike.

It turns out, however, that only one of the dogs was hurt. The other, Hero, had simply refused to leave her side.

But he did far more than keep her from feeling alone.

While it's unclear exactly how long the other dog had been suffering after the suspected accident, unable to leave the spot, Hero had never given up hope that a rescue would arrive.

"Security officers in the area reported that they had seen the dog going out to look for food and bringing it back to his injured friend," the SPCA Durban wrote on Facebook.

"He stayed close by as Inspector Moloi carried his canine companion to safety, watching over her and ensuring no further harm was caused," the post continued.

Both dogs were then carried to safety - but in a bittersweet twist, Hero's remarkable gesture of love for his friend would end up being the last thing she'd ever know.

Sadly, the injured dog was found to be so grievously wounded that rescuers had no choice but to have her humanely euthanized. But the one who'd kept her alive not only earned a fitting name - word of Hero's loyalty helped change his life forever.

"Hero is such an amazing dog! He is incredibly loving and desperate for affection," the SPCA wrote online in an appeal to find him a home. "He simply adores belly rubs and begs for more whenever you stop!"

As people learned his touching story, offers came pouring in.

Hero has since been adopted by a loving family that, no doubt, is fortunate to have such a faithful pup among them.