16 Dogs Who Are Best Friends With Their Stuffed Animals


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2. "Would you PLEASE give me and my pig some PRIVACY?"

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3. "Hi. This is my hedgehog."

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4. "Nothing is better than napping with my stuffed kitty."

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5. "You and I are gonna have so many adventures, Rabbit!"

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6. "We were just horsin' around."

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7. "Yes, I KNOW he looks just like me - it's because we're related, obviously."

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8. "A TRUE friend will undergo the Cone of Shame with you."

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9. "Nothing! Just telling secrets."

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10. "My dino is JUST my size!"

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11. "I just CANNOT get to sleep without my bear."

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12. "This is my teddy. I take him everywhere."

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13. "It's okay, Raccoon - if no one will play with us, we'll just snuggle together."

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14. "He's my best friend that I also chew on occasionally."

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15. "Look! It's my beautiful duckie!"

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16. "You really can't ask for a better pillow than a best friend ... "

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" ... Buuuut just because he's my BFF doesn't mean I can always resist taking the stuffing out of him."

Instagram: time4turner