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Dog Baffled By The Rain Plops His Paws In Every Puddle

Teddy the French Bulldog has stumbled across a very important new development - it turns out that rain is the best thing ever!

Teddy lets his inhibitions loose to splash and dance in the rain as if no one is watching.

Of course, so much prancing can tire anyone out, and Teddy has to take a breather before going back for more splashes:

(YouTube: Jack Gallant)

Teddy isn't the only pup who digs precipitation. There's this excited pup, who can't help but eat the rain:

(YouTube: Henrik Nielson)

And this pug puppy, Sophie, who likes to go for a run in the rain with her owner:

(YouTube: Dirt Capsule Films)

Basically, if your pup digs water, letting them celebrate in the rain can be super fun. Hooray for rainy days!