Fox Loses His Mom But Finds The Next Best Thing

Dinozzo's start in life was a difficult one.

But little did the baby fox, who was three weeks old at the time, know things would soon get so much better for him.

Last year, Dinozzo was found in Germany next to his mother, who had been killed in traffic, Barcroft TV reported. Thankfully, the young fox was rescued and taken in by a couple, Werner and Angelika Schmaing, who are no strangers to taking care of orphaned animals.

In addition to owning a cat and two piglets, the Schmaings also have Ziva, a collie dog with an undeniable instinct for mothering.

Ziva immediately took Dinozzo in as one of her own. According to Barcroft TV, this wasn't the first time she adopted a different species.

Previously, she forged a similar bond with the Schmaings' cat, Leopold.

"Ziva and Leopold fell in love with the little fox immediately," Werner told Barcroft TV.

He added that, while Dinozzo has become a member of the family, he's also able to live freely outdoors. There's a cat door available for him to enter and leave as he wishes.

While most wildlife shouldn't be taken in and treated as house pets, the touching story of Ziva and Dinozzo shows how easily boundaries can be broken in certain cases.

The fox may have lost his mother, but he found the best possible surrogate at exactly the right time.

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