Dog Just Stares At Wall After His Rescue Fell Through

UPDATE: March has been rescued! Read the story here.

A dog doesn't get many signs that things aren't working out with his family.

One minute, it seems like things are going all right. There's food. Humans. Maybe even a loving caress here and there.

The next moment he's in the strange, steely environment of an animal shelter bombarded with bustle and noise. Yet achingly alone.

But it's hard for a dog not to recognize when he's being rescued from that place.

Like March.

There must have been an unmistakable air of optimism among staff at ACCT Philly when someone decided to rescue this young pit bull.

Everyone loves it when a dog leaves the confines of a shelter.

March must have caught that scent. He was on his way out of the shelter, according to a Facebook post. The adoption, for reasons unstated, suddenly fell through.

"This boy thought he was about to embark on a better life," the post reads. "Only to be returned to the scary Philadelphia city shelter."

And that made the crash all the more resounding.

"He was such a happy boy, but shelter life is taking a toll on him," the post adds.

Think you can put things right in this disappointed dog's world? Email for more information on how to give him a real home.