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The Magic Of Adopting A Dog, In One Photo

WARNING: Graphic images below

Every dog without a home wants to be adopted, but sometimes it's hard to imagine exactly how much adoption can change a dog's life.

When Mackenzie was first found, her condition was unbelievable. She was roaming the streets in South Carolina, extremely emaciated and injured with multiple knife wounds to her face from her abusive owner.

YouTube/Hendrick Boards

A picture of Mackenzie's horrible condition began to circulate online - and all the times that the photo was shared changed her life forever.

After seeing the photo, Mackenzie was taken in by All 4 Paws Animal Rescue, where it was discovered that Mackenzie also had bullets lodged in her skull from being shot repeatedly. The poor dog had been through so much, and everyone wanted to see her heal.

YouTube/Hendrick Boards

Mackenzie somehow survived her multiple operations and began to heal - and also began to change the lives the lives of everyone around her. On February 15, 2015, Mackenzie finally got the happy ending she had always deserved.

Monday, Mackenzie turned 4, and all of the pain and abuse from her past is finally behind her. Her new family took a photo of her with a sign that shows exactly what it meant for Mackenzie to get adopted.

Check out a video from when Mackenzie was first rescued below: