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Dog Abandoned In Parking Lot Spotted Loving Life

The last time we saw a dog named Tyson, he was tied outside a 99 Cent Store in Bakersfield, California. A bag of dog food sat beside him.

He was waiting for an owner who was never coming back.

But Tyson would spend only a few hours in that discount store parking lot.

At some point in the night, he would disappear - and launch, perhaps, one of the biggest social media sleuthing operations ever conducted over a dog.

The original Facebook post was shared nearly 12,000 times as speculation over Tyson's fate intensified.

He's in a shelter, some suggested. No, he was hit by a car. No, he was picked up by a stranger.

Even his owner, who told The Dodo the dog was stolen by his in-laws - although he admits he had been looking to rehome Tyson before his disappearance - based his search for Tyson on Facebook reports.

Well, Facebook finally came back around.

This image was posted on Facebook over the weekend.

It hasn't been confirmed that the happy, stick-chomping dog pictured here is, in fact, the "dollar-store" dog. But certainly, everything from his coat to his chain collar to those little white patches on each paw seem to line up.

The only thing that doesn't quite match the dog in the earlier picture is, of course, the unbridled joy.

"He has been safe this whole time with the caring person who couldn't leave him in that parking lot," wrote Charice Zajic on Facebook, who was among a virtual army of people searching for Tyson.

Zajic noted she was sent the image by someone who wished to remain anonymous - and, of course, there's good reason for that, since this is hardly the recommended course for dog adoption. Nor is it legal.

"She told me he is doing great, a big baby, and plans to keep him. I told her to let me know if anything changes. This is one of the pictures she sent me - look how happy he is now. Have a great life Tyson ...you are home now where you are wanted and loved!"

As happy as this story appears to have ended, please don't just claim dogs. Not even sad, unwanted dogs tied to posts in the middle of the night. Not even if they appear to need love desperately.

Not even ...oh, never mind. Merry Christmas, Tyson.