Dodo Pick: Our Dogs Are Obsessed With These Stuffed Animals

“She brings it everywhere with her, she puts her head on it when she sleeps" ❤️😍

dog with zippy paws stuffed animals
Chewy/Emily Feld

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Dogs and their toys — right!?

While dogs find all sorts of random items to be their “babies,” one of our very own pups found herself falling deeply in love with a stuffed bat — so much so that she literally has it by her side at ALL times.

Dog with stuffed animal toy
The Dodo’s Emily Feld’s dog, Katie, with her Zippy Paws stuffed bat | Emily Feld

The Dodo’s Emily Feld can’t get her dog, Katie, to step away from her favorite stuffed animal — not that she thinks they need any time apart.

Why The Dodo loves these stuffed animals

“It’s cute and affordable, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear,” Feld said about the Zippy Paws stuffed animal. “Katie plays tug-of-war with it — and other dogs have played with it — and it hasn’t fallen apart or opened up.”
While the bat design isn’t available at the moment — it was a Halloween item — you can still grab one of the other adorable designs, including tacos, ladybugs and donuts!

Dog cuddling with stuffed toy bat
Katie and her Zippy Paws stuffed animal | Emily Feld

“We first found out about the bat toy because Katie’s BFF Ginger — a 1-year-old golden retriever — had one. Katie would always steal it from Ginger and would never let her have it back,” Feld said. “We had to buy Katie one of her own ... and the look on her face when she got her own was priceless.”

“It’s so funny to us because it’s a random bat that was probably designed to be a silly Halloween toy, but it’s become Katie’s security blanket,” Feld said.

Dog licking stuffed animal toy
Katie and her Zippy Paws stuffed animal | Emily Feld

Any downsides?

When The Dodo asked if there are any downsides to the toy, Feld only had one very tiny non-issue.
“The toy does have a squeaker which Katie LOVES. Sometimes it drives us a little crazy so that’s our least favorite thing — but Katie loves it so it’s worth it!”

“She brings it everywhere with her, she puts her head on it when she sleeps, and she always makes us throw it for her,” Feld said.

Dog cuddling with stuffed animal toy
Katie and her ZippyPaws stuffed animal | Emily Feld

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