Why Does My Dog Lie On My Clothes?

When your sweater's his favorite sleeping spot 😍

Have you ever walked into a room to spot your dog curled up in a perfect ball on your favorite hoodie?

If your pup’s done it once, she’ll probably do it a hundred more times. So you might ask yourself: Why does my dog lie on my clothes all the time?

We reached out to Kristi Benson, a certified dog trainer at Kristi Benson Dog Training, to find out why your pup chooses your dirty laundry to be her favorite sleeping spot.

Why does my dog lie on my clothes?

Since dogs don't speak English, you can't actually ask yours why she’s choosing to snooze on your clothes! The best thing we can do is hypothesize on why she’s probably doing it.

They smell like you

One big reason why your dog’s probably sleeping on your clothes is that she finds your scent comforting — you’re her favorite person after all!

According to Benson, if you find your pup snoring on a pile of your clothes in the middle of the day, just know she really, really loves you.

Your clothes are very comfortable

If you’re leaving a super soft sweater on the floor, you’re just asking your pup to snuggle up in it.

You leave your clothes in spots your dog loves

If you toss your comfy sweatshirt on the couch and walk away, odds are your dog’s going to curl up on it — not only does it smell like you, but it’s also right where she usually takes a nap!

“Our clothes might also end up in piles in places where dogs like to make a bed for the night, [like] our bedrooms, as many dogs like to sleep in the same room as their human family,” Benson told The Dodo.

If you find your pup lying on your clothes, just know she’s never doing it out of spite, and it definitely doesn’t make sense to scold her for it.

“Dogs who sleep on our clothes are not behaving badly, they're just getting comfortable in the best way available to them,” Benson said.

How to break the habit

If your dog likes to sleep on your clothes and you'd prefer he'd sleep somewhere else (no matter how adorable it is), a very simple way to discourage it is to ensure your clothes don't end up on the floor or on a chair where your dog snoozes. “You can also provide enough quality, comfortable beds for your dog, to act as magnets and draw them away from any clothes left around,” Benson said.

If you find that dumping clothes on the floor is a habit that’s really hard to break, you can also close your bedroom door during the day (if that’s where you tend to toss yours).

Finally, if you love dog training, you can train your dog to pick up your clothes and put them in a laundry basket just for fun — why not?! “But since this will be a job for your dog, you have to be prepared to issue a paycheck (a nice treat) for their work,” Benson said.

So next time you see your dog lying on your clothes, just know she’s probably just missing you and wanting to be close to a piece of you — or she’s telling you to clean your room!