Why Do Dogs Roll In The Grass?

Will she ever get up?! 😂

If your dog is anything like mine, she loves rolling around in a patch of grass any chance she gets.

And it always cracks me (and anybody walking by) up to watch my dog, Nala, have the time of her life.

But I’ve always wondered why she actually does it. Is she cooling off? Is she just super happy? What could it be?!

To find out why Nala and so many other dogs like to stop, drop and roll, we reached out to Dr. Stephanie Austin, a veterinarian at Bond Vet in New York City, who helped answer the question: Why do dogs roll in the grass?

Here’s some of the most common explanations behind this behavior:

1. She’s enjoying a smell

It's important to remember how incredibly powerful your dog's nose is. “They are picking up on hundreds of nuanced scents that we can't even comprehend!” Dr. Austin told The Dodo. “Sometimes they want to enjoy a scent they've found in the grass and will roll around in it to do just that.”

2. She’s covering up her own scent

According to Dr. Austin, there’s another smelly reason why your pup may be rolling around in that patch of grass. “There is another theory that dogs may roll in grass to cover their own scent, as more of an inherited predatory instinct,” Dr. Austin said.

3. She’s cooling off

If it’s a particularly hot day, that grass may look extra appealing to your dog. It might even be a little wet from a sprinkler — the perfect combo for your dog to cool off.

4. She’s having fun

Your dog may also just be relaxed and having fun — and rolling on her back is a way to show it!

5. She’s scratching an itch

“It's good to rule out any allergies and make sure your dog isn't rolling a ton to scratch a constantly itchy back or side, but otherwise, it's probably normal that he's having a good time,” Dr. Austin said.

Why do dogs roll in the grass after a bath?

Have you ever noticed your pup rolling in the grass after she’s had a bath? She might even get a case of the zoomies.

While it might be confusing at first, she’s really just trying to dry off while exerting some energy after being pent up in that bathtub.

If you notice your dog rolling around in the grass, it’s probably just her having the best time ever.

I'm not sure about you, but now I’m even thinking about joining mine next time.