Help! My Cat Won't Stop Peeing Everywhere!

No more soggy couches 👏

how to stop cat spraying

Ever come home to find your cat has sprayed — again?

Cat spraying — or when your cat squirts urine in the worst places — is never fun, especially when it happens inside your house. Before you totally lose it, it’s important to know why your cat might be spraying — and how you can stop it.

“Cat spraying is another form of marking, and while it’s normal when done outdoors, it is always a concern when a cat sprays inside. This can represent a medical or behavioral problem,” Dr. Natalie Marks, veterinarian at Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago, told The Dodo.

According to Dr. Marks, the first thing you should do when you notice your cat spraying is check with your veterinarian so you can rule out any medical issues.

“The most common [medical] reason is called feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), where a cat develops inflammation and pain, manifesting as urine spraying and other clinical signs,” Dr. Marks said.

Checking with your vet first will help you rule out FLUTD — or any other medical reasons. If your cat’s healthy, then you can investigate what else might be causing it.

“Anxiety, stress and other triggers can also cause urinary spraying,” Dr. Marks said.

These triggers can include:

  • A new cat in the home
  • Moving to a new home
  • Outdoor cats coming in the backyard

“Identifying and removing the trigger is always best, but in addition, talk to your veterinarian about adding in pheromones (relaxing compounds that come in the form of diffusers or wipes) to reduce anxiety,” Dr. Marks recommended.

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“Finally, it’s equally important to clean up the soiled area with an approved enzymatic cleaner to remove not only the smell of urine but also bacteria to help eliminate repeat offenders!” Dr. Marks added.

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