Checklist: What To Buy Before Adopting A Cat

So she feels right at home 😽🏡

checklist for adopting cats

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If this is your first time adopting a cat, you may feel a little bit lost about what kind of things you’ll need to get in order to give your cat the best home ever.

But that’s OK — because The Dodo spoke with Mary Shaughnessy, founding member of Kitt Crusaders in Los Angeles, who ran through a list of all the things you’ll need when adopting a cat.

According to Shaughnessy, you’ve GOT to have:

  • Food (both wet and dry)
  • Cat litter
  • A litter box
  • A litter scoop
  • Toys
  • Bedding
  • A scratching post

“We always recommend wet [food] as a staple since it is a good source of hydration in addition to water and can prevent urinary crystals from forming, especially in male cats,” Shaughnessy told The Dodo.

And when it comes to a scratching post, Shaughnessy recommends getting a cat tree that has scratching posts included.

“Cat trees are wonderful to have [because cats] can get exercise and scratch in a ‘legal’ place,” she explained.

To make things easier, The Dodo rounded up a checklist of everything you’ll need when adopting a cat.