6 Weighted Dog Bowls Your Pup Can't Flip Over

No more walking around with her bowl 🐕

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Mealtime with an excited dog can get totally out of control.

Or what about pups who love picking up their filled water bowls and prancing around the house?

To help keep your dog’s bowls where they belong, you can try weighted dog bowls (aka bowls that are heavier than the typical ones). They’ve become super popular recently — and dog parents everywhere are loving them.

If your goal is to stop your dog from flipping over her bowl, these are some of the best weighted dog bowls that’ll keep your dog (and your kitchen) as clean as possible — and they look good, too!

Max and Neo Heavyweight Non-Skid Rubber Bottom Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Thick stainless steel ensures that even the most rowdy pups won’t be able to flip over their bowl. It’s also made with a non-skid rubber bottom so that it doesn’t move around when your dog’s excitedly eating.

Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog Dish

Have a large, powerful dog? This 9.5-inch dish weighs around 3–4 pounds, making it ideal for holding all your dog’s food and staying in one place.

Heavyweight Pet Dish

Not only is this heavyweight dish marketed to hold up to eight cups of food, but it’s also built with a rubber base to help prevent slipping and sliding.

Non-Slip & Splash Free Raised Dog Bowl

This powerhouse of a bowl can weigh up to 28 pounds! The base opens up, allowing you to fill it with sand, water or ice to weigh it down. It’s also elevated, which is awesome for your dog's digestion. 

Handmade Ceramic Dog Bowl

This ceramic bowl works wonders when it comes to preventing accidents. Naturally heavy, this bowl will keep your kitchen clean and look stunning while doing it.

Waggo Heavy Ceramic Gloss Dog Bowl

These hand-dipped ceramic dog bowls add a splash of happy color to your home.