Dodo Pick: Our Dogs' Teeth Are Pearly White Now

Do you have a picky pup who HATES brushing their teeth? This is for you ✨🐶✨🦷✨

Vet's Best dog Toothpaste
Emily Feld, Amazon
Emily Feld, Amazon

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Brushing your dog's teeth can be a bit of a struggle — which is why it’s important to find a toothpaste they don’t hate.

That’s what happened to The Dodo’s Emily Fled when she was researching toothpastes that her dog, Katie, wouldn’t mind, and stumbled upon her now-fav — Vet’s Best.

Dog with pearly white teeth
The Dodo’s Emily Feld’s dog, Katie, with pearly whites thanks to Vet’s Best | Emily Feld

Why The Dodo loves this toothpaste

“One thing I like is that it really has helped Katie’s teeth,” Feld said. “When we got her, her teeth were not super healthy and this has whitened her teeth, made her gums healthier, and has helped with her breath.”

Since Katie eats mostly a raw diet, Feld says that her breath can stink — a lot — but this toothpaste has helped to combat that.

Dog with pearly white teeth
Katie smiling after getting her teeth freshly brushed | Emily Feld

Another positive is that Katie loves the taste of this toothpaste. 

“This makes brushing her teeth so much easier,” Feld said. “We will always give her some to lick beforehand and then we start brushing her teeth.”

Any downsides?

According to Feld, Katie still isn’t the biggest fan of the toothbrush — but she tolerates it thanks to this toothpaste!

Feld also doesn’t love all the ingredients, as she likes to stick to mainly au-natural when it comes to Katie — she does mostly consume a raw diet, after all.

“I wish it was a little cleaner and more natural, but overall it’s better than a lot of other toothpastes out there,” Feld said.

Katie loves it, too!

One of the best parts for Feld isn’t only how Katie loves the flavor, but also how it tones down her stubborn streak when Feld goes to use it.

“Katie can be incredibly stubborn when she doesn’t want to do something, like when we bring her to my parents house she never wants to leave because she gets to swim in their pool, and gets extra treats, so she refuses to walk and we have to pick her up and leave,” Feld says. “But surprisingly with toothbrushing she really doesn’t mind it much because she loves the taste. We are always surprised that she puts up with it and doesn’t get stubborn like she does with other things.”

Dog smiling big
Katie showing off her beautiful, clean teeth | Emily Feld

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