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The Ultimate Father's Day Gifts For The Dog Dad In Your Life

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father's day gifts for dog dads

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Being a dog dad is one of the greatest jobs in the world, but dog dads aren’t always recognized for all the things they do for their pups.

But their dogs recognize it.

They know their dads will always be there to pick up their poop on the daily.

They know their dads will always make room for them to stretch out in bed.

They know their dads will always sneak them a taste of whipped cream as a "special treat."

Dog dads come in all types — so here are some unique gift ideas for the dog dad in your life this Father’s Day.

The Doting Dad

Is the dog dad in your life ready and willing to spoil his pup rotten? Is he there to catch every drop of drool with a handkerchief embroidered with his dog's face? These gifts are for him:

Longworth Dog Sofa

longworth dog sofa

For the dad who never stops wanting to give his dog the best of the best. It accommodates dogs up to 30 pounds (so cuddle sessions will have to happen on the human couch).

Buy it now on Wayfair for $144.99

Custom Dog Keychain

custom dog keychain

Perfect for the dad who wants to show off his dog at all times. He can brag about his favorite furry family member any time he “accidentally” drops his keys. 

Buy it now on Etsy for $21.50

Custom Dog Socks

custom dog socks

Doting dog dads work hard to give their pup a good life — but their dress socks don’t need to be boring. Let him head into work with his favorite dog wrapped around his feet.

Buy them now on Etsy for $24.00

My Adorable Dog Journal

dog journal
Urban Outfitters

Does your dog dad whip out his phone to show everyone he meets the latest pics of his pup? Does he show everyone all the tricks his dog can do — and tell them what his favorite treat is? Get him this journal so he can record everything about his dog and have it ready for sharing — any time, any place!

Buy it now on Urban Outfitters for $14.95

Le Creuset Pet Dish

le creuset pet dish

Does your dog dad love to give your pup special tastes of human meals, perfectly presented? If so, this bowl will do half the work for him — and make sure every meal is fit for a doggy king.

Buy it now on Wayfair for $39.99

The Adventure Dad

Is the dog dad in your life always ready to pull on his hiking boots and take his furry best friend on a miles-long trek? Or maybe pack up the truck for a day at the beach? These gifts are for him.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

GoPro harness

If he's the type to never leave home without his GoPro, this harness will let him attach it to his pup — so he can record their adventures together from his BFF's point of view.

Buy it on Amazon for $39.99

Glow-In-The-Dark Collar

glow in the dark dog collar

It's important to make sure you can always keep track of your pup on nighttime adventures. With this LED collar, your dog dad will always be able to spot his adventure buddy — and he'll get the occasional surprise of seeing a floating light barreling towards him.

Buy it now on Amazon for $17.99

Dog Travel Water Bottle

dog travel water bottle

This handy water bottle has an attached bowl so your dog can stay hydrated without the mess of just a bottle — or the inconvenience of having to lug around a separate bowl. It's perfect for all those dad-and-dog hikes.

Buy it now on Amazon for $16.97

Arrowhead Dog Tag

arrowhead dog tag

This dog tag is the perfect souvenir of all those adventures together. Customize it with your dog's name and phone number, or just add it to his tags to remember your favorite trip — and you can even pick the metal color.

Buy it now on Etsy for $22

Dog Hiking Pack

dog hiking backpack

If your dog dad always stuffs his backpack with gear for him and his adventure buddy, this dog hiking pack will let him keep his dog's necessities right with his pup. The best part? All that extra room means more treats and snacks for everyone.

Buy it now on Amazon for $31.33

The Chill Dad

Is the dog dad in your life always laid-back? Is his favorite activity kicking back in his flip-flops and talking about dog stuff? These gifts are for him.

Custom Dog Pint Glass

dog beer glass

Does the dog dad in your life love having a cold beer while watching the game? Now he can do that with his best friend on the couch AND on his pint glass.

Buy it now on Etsy for $34.99+

What Up, Dawg? T-shirt

what up dog T-shirt

Only the coolest guys will be able to pull off a shirt like this. So the real question is: Is the chill dog dad in your life really that cool? Test it out.

Buy it now on Etsy for $23

Dog Ice Cube Tray

dog ice cube tray

This dog dad probably drinks scotch, so what’s cooler than having dog-shaped ice cubes to plop into his nightcap? You can also use it for baking — for you or your pup!

Buy it now on Amazon for $17.99

Minimalist Harness Kit

minimalist dog harness
Wild One

This is for the chill dads who care about appearances (but only a little). They'll get a lot of satisfaction out of matching their poop bag holder to their dog's harnesses. And it's available in seven colors to match any dog (and dad) personality.

Buy it now on Wild One for $98

Dog Dad Beer Koozie

dog beer koozie

This dog dad will never have a warm beer again. And he can show off his dog dadness while sharing stories of his best bud.

Buy it on Etsy for $5.00

The Neat Freak Dad

Does this dog dad obsess over the latest pet odor-reducing carpet cleaners? Does he brag about having a home that “doesn’t smell like dog?” These are for him:

Car Seat Cover

car seat cover dogs

This full-coverage car seat cover is basically a car hammock on steroids. While hammocks work for some dogs, other dogs weasel their way out of hammocks to sit on the car floor anyway. This solves that — and will make any true neat freak dog dad gleefully excited.

Buy it now on Kurgo for $109.99

Pet Vacuum

pet vacuum

This powerful vacuum was built specifically for the battle against pet hair — meaning it was built specifically for the neat freak dog dad in your life. He’ll have a field day with the edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities and those pet-specific attachments. Happy Father’s Day to him!

Buy it now on Amazon for $99.99

Neater Feeder

neater feeder dogs
Bed Bath & Beyond

Of course the neat freak dad is standing close by while his pup eats to wipe the floors and walls down when they’re done — but with this he won’t have to! No more spills or splashes here.

Buy it now on Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99



This undercoat deshedding tool should be in every neat freak dad’s cleanliness arsenal. It’ll remove loose hair from the topcoat through to the undercoat. And one of the best parts? There’s an eject button for all that hair! (So satisfying.)

Buy it now on Amazon for $29.86+

AquaPaw Pet Bathing Tool

aquapaw bathing brush

A neat freak dad doesn’t get lazy about his dog’s bathing schedule. Whether he uses the backyard hose or the shower, this attachment is a game-changer. It sprays, it scrubs AND it has a handy on/off button right in the center. The neat freak dad will love that he can control his dog with both hands — all while giving him the best bath possible.

Buy it now on Amazon for $24.95

The Workout Dad

Is the dog dad in your life slinging barbells almost as much as he’s slinging a leash? Does he obsess over the ingredients in his protein powder almost as much as he obsesses over finding the perfect dog treats? These gifts are for him:

Pettings Dogs Is My Cardio Tee

petting dogs cardio t shirt

Nobody wants to do cardio — unless you can switch out the rower for petting your dog. This is the perfect way for a dog dad to tell the world exactly what matters most.

Buy it now on Etsy for $20.99

Dumbbell Squeaker Toy

dumbbell dog toy

The ultimate Father’s Day gift disguised as a gift for his dog. While his pup will love ripping this apart to find the squeakers, it’s really meant as a distraction for when dad’s in the middle of an important lifting session. 

Buy it now on Bark for $10.00

Lift Heavy. Pet Dogs. Tee

lift heavy pet dogs t-shirt

Workout dog dads have two passions: Lifting and dogs. Let him show off both the best way he can — on a T-shirt.

Buy it now on Etsy for $20.95+

Custom Water Tumbler

custom dog water tumbler

A workout dad hydrates nonstop — so he'll love staring at his dog's grinning face every time he reaches for a sip. It's stainless steel and — not to be TOO cringy — will probably steal his heart, too.

Buy it now on Etsy for $21.59+

Dog Dad Bod Tank

dog dad bod tank top

Let your workout dog dad show off his bod — and his dog dad pride — in this tank. Dog dads make dad jokes, too.

Buy it now on Amazon for $19.99

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