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The Ultimate Father's Day Gifts For The Cat Dad In Your Life

If you're lucky enough to love a guy who loves cats ❤️

cat dad gifts

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Cat dads are something special, and there's no doubt how much they love their cats — I mean, you’ll probably know a cat dad is a cat dad even before you ask by the coating of fur on his T-shirt.

Whether they’re picking up their cat’s poop with an engraved pooper scooper or setting up a five-story scratching post, cat dads are there for their babies in all sorts of ways.

And on Father’s Day, all sorts of dads need to be celebrated — and that includes pet dads!

If you’re looking to get a unique Father’s Day gift this year for the loving cat dad in your life, these ideas are for you:

The Super Extra Dad

Cat dads are always a little extra — but then there's that *super* extra dad who just makes everybody’s heart swell with how much he over-the-top L.O.V.E.S. his cat. These gifts are for him:

Custom Cookie Cutter

custom cat cookie cutter

It kind of feels like everyone needs these, regardless of their level of extra-ness. That DETAIL, right?! But, if you’re looking for the best gift for the cat (or dog) dad who has it all, get him this cookie cutter. Better yet, bake him the cookies beforehand and really blow his mind.

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Custom Cat Socks

custom cat socks

This dad has no shame in his game and he isn’t afraid to show off his cat obsession at work — or at any occasion that requires dress socks! His day will be extra special with his favorite cat wrapped around his feet.

Buy them now on Etsy for $24.00

Custom Cat Keychain

custom cat keychain

What cat dad wouldn’t want a keychain of their favorite kid’s face? Let the dad in your life carry his cat with him everywhere he goes.

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The Homebody Dad

This is the dad whose favorite Saturday involves snuggling up at home with his cat in his lap, binge-watching the latest Netflix series (on a couch covered in cat hair, of course). These are for him:

Organic Catnip


While this dad is relaxing at home, might as well let his cat have a great time alongside him. This catnip will help make cats happy, silly and active right before they mellow out for a movie with dad.

Buy it now from Chewy for $9.12

Couch Cardboard Cat Scratcher

couch scratcher

This dad probably loves vegging out on his couch — so why not let his cat sorta match him? 

Buy it now on Petco for $14.99

Custom Cat Pillow

custom cat pillow

What could be more amazing than a 3D custom pillow that looks exactly like his favorite cat? While your actual cat might not be the biggest fan of this imposter-cat, it’s sure to earn an extra chuckle from his dad. 

Buy it now on Etsy for $19.99+

Cat Introvert Candle

cat introvert candle

Does the cat dad in your life love to light some candles and just relax? This candle will not only tell the world — or whoever’s over — what really matters, but it also comes in tons of different scents. Bonus? You can even get a free message engraved on the back!

Buy it now on Etsy for $14.95

The Outdoorsy Dad

This is the dad you can always find outside. Maybe he’s riding his bike around the neighborhood, or maybe he’s tending to his garden while his cat chases butterflies. These are for him:

Bicycle Cat Carrier

cat carrier

Cats aren’t the easiest pets to take out and about with you. But this carrier means your cat dad can take his best friend along on all his cat-safe adventures — whether he’s riding to a buddy’s house or just out for some fresh air. 

Buy it now on Wayfair for $299.99

Cat Outdoor Playpen

cat outdoor playpen

When your cat dad’s in the backyard mowing the lawn or reading a book, why not set up a playpen where his cat can enjoy the outdoors while keeping him (and the local birds) safe?

Buy it now on Wayfair for $82.99

Cat Perch

cat perch

Outdoorsy dads tend to love bringing greenery into their homes as well — so why not brighten up the indoors with a cat perch disguised as a plant!? Genius! And your cat will love doing some camouflaged stalking, too. 

Buy it now on Wayfair for $43.99

The Chef Dad

This is the dad who loves to cook almost as much as he loves to spoil his cat — and why do we feel like people who love cats appreciate a good glass of wine? These gifts are for him:

Cat Dad Apron

cat dad apron

There’s literally no better gift for a cat dad who loves to cook than an apron that talks about how he’s the best cat dad. Nothing. 

Buy it now on Etsy for $29.14+

Cat Cheese Board

cat cheese board

Here’s a serving board he can get behind. Not only will he be able to display his latest creations, but he can display his love for cats, too. Win, win.

Buy it now on Etsy for $40.00+

Custom Wine Stopper

cat wine stopper

If your chef is always nursing a glass of wine while he works in the kitchen, this custom wine stopper ensures he’ll never forget his favorite cat (even for a second). 

Buy it now on Etsy for $15.99

The Proud Dad

This is the proud dad who loves to tell e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y about his cat. Does he have his cat as his phone’s background picture, ready to whip out anytime someone mentions pets — or kids? These are for him.

The Catfather Shirt

the catfather

This dad is ready and willing to tell the world about his favorite job — and he appreciates a good movie reference. 

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Real Men Love Cats Shirt

real men love cats shirt

This dad loves his cat and isn't afraid to speak his mind about why cats rule and dogs drool — in his opinion, anyway.

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Custom Cat Portrait

custom cat portrait

This dad is so proud to be a dad that he’d go wild for a custom peek-a-boo portrait of his favorite cat — especially if it’s the first thing guests see when they enter his house.

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