The Most Unique Cat Beds (That You Can Actually Buy)

That cactus bed 😍🌵😺

cats in unique cat beds

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Your cat isn’t just any cat.

Your cat is unique — your cat has spunk.

Your cat puts all other cats to shame, and she knows it. That’s why your cat deserves a throne so unique that it should be nearly impossible to find another animal on this planet — or at least in your friend group — who has the same one.

Luckily, there are some ridiculously and wildly unique cat beds out there — but it can take some digging to find the real gems.

That’s why this roundup was created — to help you find a cat bed all your cat's own: whether you’re looking for a shoe, a cactus or a vintage suitcase for her to snuggle in.

A freakin’ moccasin, of all things
Your cat is obsessed with your slippers, so why not get one big enough for her to curl up in? Comes with some matching catnip toys. And we all know what that means. 🌿
Her very own cat-sized teacup
No more will she have to try to squeeze her big booty into your tiny teacups — now she can have one that’s big enough (and yet cozy enough) for all her tea party needs
An iron throne built for a Queen (or King)
There’s no debate that “Game of Thrones” was one of the greatest shows in history — aside from that finale, OMG — and your Khaleesi-obsessed cat deserves all the glory of seasons 1-7 (ignoring the last one, obviously).
A cat bed for crazy cat ladies
Nothing says “My mom’s a crazy cat lady” quite like a cat bed made exclusively from cat themed shoulder pads. You read all of that right. (And you probably know someone who would LOVE it.)
A fairy-style cat cave for the storybook lovers
If getting lost amongst the pages of storybooks is your thing, this whimsical cat cave will transport your cat right into a tale of your own — minus the trolls.
A canoe not meant for the river
This uniquely designed felt canoe is perfect for an adventurous cat who loves watching the Discovery Channel with you and dreaming of ways to just Huckleberry Finn it.
A cactus that won’t prick you
Here’s one cactus that won’t ruin your day if you walk into it. Perfect for cats all over the world who love to live that desert life — without the blazing sun.

With all of these wildly unique cat beds to choose from, yours will finally get the bed of her dreams — besides all the sinks, vases and other hidey holes she definitely frequents. (But this one will be her favorite.)