Dodo Pick: Nervous Pups Feel So Safe In This Shirt

"It feels like a permanent hug" 🤗❤️

Dog wearing ThunderShirt
Marti Trgovich
Marti Trgovich

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If your dog suffers from anxiety spells, the ThunderShirt has got your pup covered — in a permanent hug! 

Dog wearing a pink ThunderShirt
Marti Trgovich’s dog, Boo, looking pretty in her ThunderShirt. | Marti Trgovich

The Dodo’s own Marti Trgovich says this shirt has drastically helped her dog, Boo, with her anxiety issues.

Why The Dodo loves the ThunderShirt

“Boo loves her ThunderShirt — it feels like a permanent hug,” Trgovich said. “It’s great at calming any anxiety (like when Mom gets the suitcase out for trips) and makes her feel safe. She immediately calms down and I love that it helps her relax.” 

Dog relaxing in a ThunderShirt
Boo relaxing in her ThunderShirt | Marti Trgovich

And the ThunderShirt doesn’t just help Boo feel safe — she looks pretty in it, too!

“The fuchsia is a great color that looks super cute,” Trgovich said. 😍

Any downsides?

Trgovich said her only issue is that it doesn’t really fit great with Boo’s harness. “It would be nice if it had a little opening on the back so you could wear a harness under it and attach a leash through the ThunderShirt to the harness,” Trgovich said.

However, some Amazon reviewers say they’ve been able to put a harness over their dog’s ThunderShirt, so it may depend on the size of your dog and the harness you use. 

Boo’s least favorite part:

Believe it or not, Boo’s biggest problem is when her mom goes to remove the shirt.

“Occasionally she’s annoyed when I'm trying to take it on or off — but no biggie — she loves when it's on!” Trgovich said.

It’s hilarious — but it’s true! “Sometimes I try to take it off her after a few hours and she's like, ‘Nope,’” Trgovich said.

Dog wearing ThunderShirt with added wings
Boo looking like an angel in her ThunderShirt | Marti Trgovich

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Buy the ThunderShirt on Petco for $39.99