The Dodo's New Book Teaches Kids All About Caring For Pets

Everything about caring for pets, written just for kids.

The Dodo Launches New Kids’ Book Series About Becoming A Pet Parent With A Kids Company About Media

We know that kids can make great pet parents — and to help them along their journey, we decided to create a new book series just for them.

Together with kids’ media company A Kids Company About, The Dodo has launched a series of books teaching kids all about becoming a pet parent.

Geared towards children ages 5 to 9 years old, the series explores pet adoption, caring for pets and saying goodbye to them when the time comes. Designed to kickstart important conversations with kids, the book series (which includes three books that are sold separately) handles these topics with age-appropriate language and lots of empathy and heart.

In “A Kids Book About Adopting a Pet,” kids will learn all about how pet adoption provides a safe and loving home to pets in need, as well as what the adoption process may look like. The book also offers tips for helping a new BFF adjust to his surroundings and the joy that comes with welcoming a new member to the family.

It’s all about what it takes to raise your new friend in “A Kids Book About Caring for a Pet.” In this book, kids will learn the basics of responsible pet parenting. They’ll learn about what all animals need to be happy and healthy, which includes feeding, bathing and training a new pet. But beyond that, the book helps kids understand that when you do everything you can to take care of the new member of your family, your bond will only grow stronger.

Lastly, in “A Kids Book About Saying Goodbye to a Pet,” kids will explore the big emotions surrounding the loss of a pet. While never an easy topic, this book encourages children to ask questions, talk about what they miss most and to find special ways to remember their friend’s life. And most importantly, to understand that their bond with a pet will stay with them forever.

With core themes of family, friendship and feelings, our A Kids Book About series hopes to introduce a new generation to the joys and benefits of pet parenting. We hope you love them!

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