These Star Wars Dog Costumes Are Out Of This World

For your little Chewbacca 💛

If you’ve seen all the prequels, studied the lore and binged “The Mandalorian” (and your pup is a fan of the franchise, too), celebrating your shared love of all things Star Wars”is definitely the move — even on Halloween.

We found some of the best Star Wars dog costume options you can buy so your group Halloween costume this year will be the best ever. From Yoda outfits to Chewbacca vests and even deep-cut costumes like an AT-AT Imperial Walker getup (yes, that’s real!), you’ll find the perfect Star Wars costume for your dog to wear come Halloween night.

Remember, if your dog isn’t feeling a costume this year, don’t force it! Some dogs are much more tolerant of costumes than others, so if your pup seems uncomfortable, then a costume may not be for him.

10 Star Wars dog costume options that are totally out of this world

These are the best Star Wars-themed dog costumes you can buy.

A costume that’s princess-approved: Rubie’s Princess Leia Dog Costume

Complete with those spiral buns, this Princess Leia dog costume is instantly recognizable. It fits over your dog’s front legs and neck, comes with Leia’s iconic white robes, and even has attached soleless shoes to disguise your pup’s paws.

If your dog wants to play the villain: Rubie's Star Wars Darth Vader Dog Costume

Amazon sells a dog Darth Vader costume, complete with a cape and helmet. The body portion of the costume fits over your dog’s front legs, and the helmet secures around your dog’s chin.

A great costume it is: Rubie’s Classic Yoda Costume

Available in sizes small and large, this Yoda costume fits over your dog’s front legs and neck. It features Yoda hands (one is holding a lightsaber) and a hat with Yoda’s iconic ears stitched to either side.

To get your pup battle-ready: Rubie’s AT-AT Imperial Walker Dog Costume

AT-AT Walkers look like dogs anyway, right? This Star Wars costume for dogs will make your pup look just like the armored vehicle used by the Imperial ground forces. Each “leg” of the Walker attaches to your dog’s ankle, and it even comes with a headpiece that looks like the front of the Walker vehicles.

For the hero in your life: Star Wars Han Solo Dog Costume

Turn your dog into Harrison Ford’s iconic character with this Han Solo vest. It comes in sizes ranging from XS through 3XL and secures along your dog’s belly with a row of Velcro. It’s lightweight, comfortable and super recognizable.

Something to wear while training: Rubie’s Classic Jedi Robe Dog Costume

Your pup will be able to fully access the Force when dressed up in this Jedi robe from Rubie’s on Amazon. It even comes with cutouts in the hood for dogs with ears that stick up. The robe fits over your dog’s front legs and secures around his belly with Velcro.

Because everyone loves Chewbacca: “Star Wars” Chewbacca Sherpa Dog Costume

This cozy sherpa vest will transform your dog into Chewbacca in seconds. It comes in sizes ranging from XS up through 3XL and comes with a slot to insert a leash. This costume even comes with a hood to really sell the Wookiee look.

For the furriest of dogs: Rubie’s Bantha Dog Costume

If your fluffy pup is just a couple of horns away from being a Bantha, this costume from Rubie’s will complete the picture. It comes with a cap with two spiral horns and a harness with a Tusken Raider attached so it looks like your dog is traversing the plains of Tatooine.

For your cute and cuddly warrior: Rubie’s Ewok Dog Costume

Slip this onesie and hood over your dog to turn him into an Ewok this Halloween. This costume will not only make trick-or-treaters laugh when they come to your door, but it might also keep your little dog warm all night long. The hood is adjustable around the chin, and the brown felt suit fits over both your dog’s front and hind legs.

If your dog prefers a simple costume: Star Wars Grogu Pumpkin Harness

Fans of “The Mandalorian” will love this Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) harness with Halloween pumpkins on it. The harness also features spider webs and bats to complete the spooky season look. Pick on up in a size extra-small through large.

If your dog is cool with dressing up, then one of these Star Wars costumes will definitely be an instant hit in your neighborhood.

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