6 Spill-Proof Dog Bowls For The Sloppiest Pups

No more wet socks (or car seats) 💦🧦

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Does your dog get very … enthusiastic when he drinks water?

Every time he dives his head into his bowl, water starts splashing, sloshing and dripping all over the place — and you’re left with puddles all over the floor and wet socks on your feet.

Luckily, there are actually dog water bowls designed to be spill-proof.

So if your pup is the sweetest — but also the sloppiest — you might want to give one of these bowls a try.

Splash Free Wander Dog Water Bowl
The wedge design is great for car travel, since it allows the no-spill bowl to sit flat in the back seat. And when it's sitting flat on the floor, the angle lets even your teeny, tiny pup lap up some water.
No-Spill Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl
The slow feeder keeps your dog from drinking too fast and sloshing his water all over the place.
Torus Filtered Dog Water Bowl
This bowl is designed to keep slipping and splashing to a minimum. Plus your pup probably deserves filtered water.
Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl
The lid helps prevent dripping and splashing, and the design is great if your pup has floppy ears or long hair.
Road Refresher No-Spill Dog Water Bowl For Home and Travel
This bowl has a floating plate feature, so your dog is only lapping up the water he needs. This way, he's not dunking his jowls in and dripping water everywhere.
Petmate No-Spill Bowl
The lid of this no-spill bowl helps prevent splashing and sloshing.