Here's Why You Should Consider Adopting A Rescue Dog

They're actually the BEST.

should i adopt a dog?

Have you ever asked yourself the question: "Should I adopt a dog?"

As you've probably heard, adopting a dog is seriously the best.
It’s not only immensely rewarding, but it’s also cheaper and more practical than buying a dog (and tons of fun).
Adopting a dog into your family is life-changing in some beautiful and unexpected ways — here are just some of the best reasons to consider it:

You’re saving a life

When you adopt a dog, you’re actually saving their life — and the life of the dog who will take their spot in the rescue.

Many adopters say their dog seems to recognize this — and they notice a difference in how the dog loves them. 

“Rescue dogs make amazing family pets because, since many have not had the best lives, they’re grateful for their new life,” Laurette Richin, executive director at Long Island Bulldog Rescue in New York, told The Dodo.

You’ll find a better match

More than some places that sell dogs, a rescue takes placing their dogs in the right home very seriously.

It’s not about the money for them, so don’t be surprised if you see an application process that contains not only a written portion, but also a home visit, and a meeting with any other kids or dogs you have in your home.

A rescue is looking to find the right match between a dog and their forever home — so that also means they’ll be looking for the perfect dog for you and your family.

You can skip the training stage

In most cases, you get to fly right past the puppy stage!

“You won't have to deal with puppy chewing, teething, housebreaking — or the puppy crazies,” Richin said. 

Of course, if your heart’s set on a puppy, most rescues have them available, too — but for families who don’t have the time or experience to train a pup, you can adopt a slightly older dog who comes with manners!

They’re usually already spayed/neutered

Your new rescue dog will typically come already fixed, so you don’t have to worry at all about scheduling your pup’s necessary spay or neuter procedure. (And for younger dogs, who are adopted out before they’re old enough to get fixed, the rescue will help you arrange the procedure.) 

Rescue dogs will save you money

While adopting a dog from a shelter isn’t free, the fees associated are far below what you’d pay someplace else.

While a pet store or breeder might cost several thousands of dollars, getting that exact same breed from a rescue can cost you under $100.

That’s more money to spend on toys, food, rainy day funds and all-around spoiling.

You’ll know their health history and temperament

Getting a dog from a rescue won’t leave you with the surprises that bad breeding can (like genetic or temperamental issues that don’t show up until after a dog is in your home).

Reputable rescues take their jobs seriously, and you’ll likely get a full rundown of your dog's health history and temperament, including how they react to various situations (like around kids or other dogs). 

If you’re getting a dog who was fostered, you’ll also be able to talk with the foster family, who knows from experience how your dog behaves in a home environment.

Rescue dogs teach you selflessness

While all dogs need and deserve love, knowing that your rescue came from a shelter and possibly had a harder past will inspire you to give him the extra love and pampering that he needs to trust you and build an unbreakable bond.

Because there’s nothing like the love of a rescued dog — and maybe you’ll inspire other families to rescue their own dog, too!

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