The Seattle Mariners Have A New (Unofficial) Mascot On The Team

Tucker found his forever home ⚾️

The Seattle Mariners have a new addition to their roster, and we think his stats are pretty amazing.

Tucker, a 4-year-old Labrador retriever mix, was adopted by the Mariners in an effort to promote animal rescues and the benefits of pet adoption. The dog, who was scheduled for euthanasia, now has a forever home with a Major League Baseball team — and players, training staff and fans on social media are all pretty excited about it.

“He just got activated today and will be a great addition to our team,” Mariners manager Scott Servais told

Yep, Tucker even has his own Instagram account so fans can stay up to-date on his adventures around the ballpark (when he’s not hanging with the team, Tucker resides with Mariners director of Major League operations, Jack Mosimann).

A Major League clubhouse is a far cry from where Tucker’s story began, at OkanDogs, a rescue center in Cashmere, Washington. Servais and his wife, Jill, have volunteered at the rescue for years, and the idea of adopting a dog for the team has been in the works for months.

And because this is baseball we’re talking about, Tucker’s addition to the team is explained best using sports lingo, of course.

“He got scouted very heavily,” Servais said. “We ran people in there, and we cross-checked them. We got big-time numbers on this dog. So he went high in the Draft. We're happy to have him as a free-agent addition to our club.”

With Tucker’s adoption and multiple “Bark at the Park” events (where pet parents can bring their pets to the game) during the season, the Mariners hope that more people will consider checking out animal rescues when they decide to add a new pet to the family.

“We’re just trying to bring awareness to rescues all over the state of Washington,” Servais said. “There are dogs out there for everybody, and we hit a home run on this one. This little guy is great. Our players are excited about it. It’s a nice little distraction for them in the clubhouse. They love the little guy.”

The Mariners hit a home run with their new addition. Maybe he’ll even be ready for next season? Congratulations, team!