8 Scary Dog Costumes That Are Perfect For Halloween

Beware of dog 🔪😱👻

scary dog halloween costumes
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Amazon / HalloweenCostumes.com

Are you a true Halloween fanatic?

Do the cobwebs go up when that first leaf hits the ground?

If you love watching 31 days of horror movies and you get giddy at the latest shipment of shrunken heads to put on your lawn, then you’re also probably looking to get your pet in on the spookiest time of year.

Because if princess and bumblebee costumes aren’t your style, this list was made for you.
So if you use this season to get all your scariest fantasies out — even if that means dressing up your dog like a giant, terrifying killer clown — check out our favorite scary dog costumes.

The best scary dog costumes for Halloween

This Chucky costume that looks like the real thing: Deadly Doll Dog Costume

Turn your pet into this classic killer doll, and check out this video to see how scary-cute it is in action. Spoiler: It actually looks like he’s chasing you around with a knife!

This Freddy Krueger Costume that’ll give you the most adorable nightmares: Rubie's A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Pet Costume

“1, 2, Freddy Pup is coming for you … 3, 4, better get more treats” — that’s how it goes, right? Between the hat, the claws and the striped sweater, your BFF will look just like the classic Halloween villain.

This Pennywise option for your favorite clown: Rubie's “IT” movie walking Pennywise pet costume

This costume looks just like the creepy clown from the film. And if your pet rocks this Pennywise getup, you know she’s got the “IT” factor. (Get it?)

This Maleficent costume for your little queen: Rubie's Disney Maleficent Pet Costume

You’re already under your BFF’s spell, so this costume is pretty fitting.

This Beetlejuice costume that’s creepy and cute at the same time: Rubie's Beetlejuice Pet Costume

Just call your BFF’s name three times and he’ll appear. And this costume is so perfect it might make a repeat appearance next year.

 This costume that will transform your pup into a terrifying tarantula: Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume

The fur on this spider costume was designed to resemble the hair on real spiders to make your dog look extra spooky. The legs also bend so you can create any creepy silhouette you want.

This spooky bat costume: Rypet Dog Bat Costume

If you’re looking for a more classic Halloween costume, you can’t get any more Halloween-y than a bat.

This skeleton look for pups who don’t love elaborate costumes: Frisco Glow in the Dark Skeleton Hoodie

If your pup isn't into elaborate costumes with multiple pieces, consider this simple (yet spooky) glow-in-the-dark skeleton hoodie, which actually seems pretty comfy!

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