This Reindeer Dog Snood Might Be The Best Holiday Outfit Ever

Sooo cute 😍🐶🎄

reindeer dog snood

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If you didn’t already know, snoods are basically the most adorable dog accessories ever.

They’re snug little hoods you put on your pup that go aaaall the way down to his neck to keep him warm in the winter, and the end result is the cutest thing imaginable.

And The Dodo found a reindeer snood that’s the most perfect thing for the holiday season.

Think of all the “OMG” texts you’ll get when you (rightfully) spam everyone in your phone with pics of your dog in this snood!

The antlers! The ears! It. Is. EVERYTHING. Not to mention it comes in three different sizes so it’s perfect for any pup.

Did this just change your life?! (Or at least your holiday?!)