Help! My Dog Is Scared Of Trick-Or-Treaters!

How to keep your dog from totally freaking out 🎃😈💀

how to calm dogs on halloween

Halloween brings all kinds of excitement for humans — but it isn’t always a dog’s favorite time of year.

While some dogs are all about wearing matching costumes and greeting visitors at the door, others can get a little stressed about the whole thing.

If you have a pup who’d rather not be involved in Halloween, the best thing you can do is plan accordingly and provide your dog with ways to stay calm and happy this season.

“Holidays in general can be especially stressful for pets when it comes to loud noises, flashing lights, and strangely dressed humans wandering around the home,” Dr. Paul Cunningham, senior emergency clinician at BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital in Michigan, told The Dodo.

According to Dr. Cunningham, the simplest thing you can do is keep all the action out of your pet's sight.

1. Try keeping your pet in the quietest part of your home

This helps make sure your dog avoids the overstimulation Halloween can bring. If your pup is crate-trained, make sure his crate is nearby (and consider keeping him in it during particularly high-stress times).

2. Play white noise to drown out unusual sounds

According to Dr. Cunningham, you can do this by using more familiar noises — such as music or television — to drown out the constant doorbell or strange trick-or-treater voices.

3. Try calming products

There are calming products that you can try to help keep your dog stress-free, like huggable jackets or calming oils.

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4. Talk to your veterinarian

In more serious cases, you should consult your vet prior to Halloween. “If you know your pet is highly anxious, it is also worth discussing the situation with your veterinarian prior to the holiday to obtain helpful anti-anxiety or sedative medications at their discretion and prescription,” Dr. Cunningham said.

With these simple steps, you can make sure your dog is ready for Halloween — and if he’s still a little nervous, maybe grab him a new cozy blanket that he can cuddle with until the morning.

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