Real Cats Can’t Stop Watching This Video Game

They want to play! 🎮

stray game

The world’s cats have a brand-new love — and it’s a video game.

Cat parents are obsessed with “Stray,” a game in which you play a stray cat who has to solve a mystery to escape a seedy city — but actual cats are just as into it as their parents are. They even seem to think their virtual counterparts are real.

Now, pet parents are sharing the most adorable photos and videos of their BFFs engaging with their TVs while they play “Stray,” and it’s hilariously wholesome.

Real cats are going viral for meowing, swatting and simply watching as the cat in “Stray” explores the world, solves puzzles, and meets robots and other friends along the way.

Even dogs want to get in on the action!

While pets are transfixed by watching the cute cat on the screen, their parents love playing this game because they get to run around doing all sorts of typical cat things.

In “Stray” you can knock things over (classic), crawl across computer keyboards, affectionately rub against robots’ legs and even claw up furniture and carpets.

You can also make your cat meow and jump up on things or, when he could use some down time, let him watch TV or take a nap.

It’s all just so delightful for players — and their pets, clearly. Plus, the game itself is visually stunning.

The developers at Blue Twelve Studio are massive cat lovers, modeling the cat protagonist after their own adopted stray.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive also wanted the game’s launch to help out homeless cats IRL, so they gave Nebraska Humane Society and Cats Protection game codes to give away to people who donated to their organizations.

“Stray” was released on Steam and select PlayStation platforms, so you can officially experience (digital) life from your BFF’s perspective, which he’ll probably love to watch.

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