5 Best Collars For Puppies And Their ID Tags

To keep your new dog as safe as possible.

When you’re about to welcome a new puppy into your life, you want to make sure you have all the necessities at the ready, including a well-fitting puppy collar.

Collars come in so many different styles and sizes, so which ones are best for your new pup?

Of course, which patterns and colors to pick boils down to personal choice, but there are some key style factors you should take into consideration when choosing a great collar for your puppy.

The Dodo has narrowed down some of the best dog collars for puppies that you can buy before bringing your new BFF home to make sure he’ll be as safe as possible as soon as he arrives.

Uses of a collar for puppies

The main use of a puppy collar is to make sure your dog has identification on him (literally) at all times. Alongside his vaccine and registration dog tags, your pup should also have a personalized ID dog tag in his collection in case the worst should happen and you two are separated.

Your puppy’s ID tag should have his name, your name, your phone number and even your address if the tag can fit that much information.

Or, you can opt for a collar that can be custom-embroidered with your dog’s name and your phone number if you prefer less jingle-jangle.

Collars can be attached to a leash for quick trips outside to do business in the front yard, but for longer walks, you should hitch your leash to a harness instead. This is especially important if your puppy has yet to be leash trained because pulling on a collar can cause him to choke and can even lead to tracheal damage if the collar pulling is constant.

Refrain from using “training collars,” like shock collars and spike collars, because these incite fear rather than give your dog positive reinforcement, which makes training fun and easy.

What to look for in a puppy collar

When shopping for the best puppy collar for your new dog, you’ll have to take his size into consideration first.

Most collars you’ll find online and in stores come in various sizes with corresponding neck measurements. This means you might want to take a quick measurement around your puppy’s neck with a soft measuring tape to choose the best size for him.

If your puppy’s still growing, pick an adjustable collar that will fit your puppy now at its smallest size. That way, as your puppy grows, you can make the collar larger to fit his growing neck.

A good rule of thumb is that a collar should fit tightly enough that your puppy can’t slip out of it, but loose enough that you can easily slip two fingers underneath it when it’s buckled closed around his neck.

Best collars for your puppy

Based on reviews and ratings from pet parents, here are some of the best puppy collars you can pick up for your new pup.

Best overall collar for puppies: Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Collar

With thousands of five-star reviews on multiple websites, the best basic puppy collar you can get is the one from Blueberry Pet. It’s available in several different sizes and colors, made of a durable mesh nylon and is even machine washable. This collar is made to last from puppyhood through your dog’s adult years.

Best budget collar for puppies: Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Collar

For under $5, you can pick up a highly rated basic collar from Frisco. These flat collars come with a simple plastic buckle and are available in fun colors and a range of different sizes.

Best customizable collar for puppies: GoTags Nylon Personalized Dog Collar

Make sure your dog is as safe as possible if and when he runs off by equipping him in this bright and bold customizable collar from GoTags. Choose from a variety of fun thread colors and collar colors to make sure everyone can see your dog’s name and your phone number — even from afar. This is a great option for skittish dogs who may not trust humans just yet.

Best martingale puppy collar: Country Brook Petz Martingale Collar

For breeds with narrow heads, like greyhounds and whippets, a martingale collar may be a better choice over a standard dog collar, due to the fact that it is less easy to slip out of. A martingale collar slightly tightens when dogs pull on the leash, helping it to stay in place on their necks. You can check out a more detailed list of martingale collars here.

Best whelping collars for puppies: UIUIX Puppy Whelping Collar

If you’re a brand-new puppy parent in need of identifying several baby pups, these soft whelping collars from UIUIX on Amazon are comfy to wear and bright for easy identification. 

Best personalized ID tag for puppy collars: GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag

Available in a bunch of fun shapes and sizes, the GoTags stainless steel personalized ID tags are made to withstand hours upon hours of playtime and adventuring. You can engrave your dog’s name on one side and then fill up to four lines of text on the other.

Grabbing a great-fitting (and stylish!) collar is the simplest way to make sure your pup is always identifiable and can be put on a leash for a quick trip outside. And these collars do those jobs perfectly.

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