16 Pets Who Look Just Like Their Humans (And We’re Kind Of Freaking Out)

Twinsies 🐶 👩

You’ve probably heard the saying that couples start to look like each other the longer they’re together — but can the same be said for pet parents and their pets?

According to science, the answer is yes!

A psychologist at the University of California San Diego asked a group of participants to match photos of dogs and their pet parents, and in most cases, they were matched correctly.

The theory is that humans like familiarity, and we naturally gravitate towards anything that looks a little bit like us.

Gerrard Gethings, a photographer, even created a book called “Do You Look Like Your Dog? The Book: Dogs and their Humans” — and the similarities he captured between pets and their humans are pretty wild.

We’re showing some of his photos below, plus a few more we found on Instagram, because yes, people looking like their pets is definitely a thing (and we love it!).

16 pets who look just like their humans

Who’s the pet parent here and who’s the dog?

It’s the hair for me (and the eyes!)

These two are having a very similar bad hair day

Identical baby blues right here

Red hair and curls for days

Handsome and brooding looks good on these two

Can a cat and his human be both grumpy and adorable at the same time? The answer is yes!

Kitty and mama have nailed their side-eye expression

Why so sad, friends?

A curly blonde duo

A mustache looks very distinguished on these two

The same expression!

Just look at those curls

When you’re thinking the exact same thing


Dad and his baby having a moment

So, the real question is — do you look like your pet?