A Pet Parent’s Guide For Getting Halloween-Ready With Your BFF

Tips and tricks for the best Halloween ever.

With Halloween creeping up fast, pet parents should make sure they’re fully prepared for all the festivities.

Whether your costume-loving dog needs an outfit or you’re wanting to treat your cat for doing her tricks, we have so many good ideas on how to get Halloween-ready with your BFF.

This guide breaks down all the basics you need to know to have a successful Halloween night with your dog or cat. From dealing with doorbell-related anxiety to getting all the pre-party jitters out with a game of Halloween-themed fetch, you can make sure your pet is ready to go when the trick-or-treaters or party guests arrive.

First, find the perfect costume

These costumes are perfect for both cats and dogs! Just check the sizing before you click “add to cart.”

If your pet loves to eat: Frisco Taco Dog & Cat Costume

An excellent choice for the furry foodie in your home. This taco costume secures around your cat or dog’s chest and under the belly so it stays in place all Halloween night.

For pets who love having a job: California Costumes UPS Delivery Driver Dog & Cat Costume

Complete with a UPS hat and box, this costume from California Costumes will make your pet look just like a UPS driver. You can even put things in the box for him to carry around.

The perfect costume for pets who constantly get the zoomies: Frisco Rocket Ship Dog & Cat Costume

Your pet will look so cute in this rocket ship costume from Frisco on Chewy. It even comes with a little hat that secures around your pet’s chin that looks like the nose of a ship!

The spookiest Halloween costume: Frisco Bat Wings Dog & Cat Costume

This pair of bat wings from Chewy secures around your pet’s chest and belly, and they’re super lightweight so your pet won’t feel like he’s wearing a heavy costume.

Or, if your pet isn’t into costumes, check out these themed collars and bandanas

These are great options for a low-key Halloween outfit.

Something simple yet sweet: Frisco Whimsical Halloween Cat Collar Ruffle

This ruffle collar from Frisco features bells and a Halloween-themed print perfect for spooky season. The elasticated collar is comfy for your cat to wear and can simply be slipped over her head.

Stick to the classic: Frisco Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Dog & Cat Bandana

There’s nothing that screams “Halloween” quite like a classic black-and-orange jack-o’-lantern face. These bandanas from Frisco come in two sizes, which means they’re great for either cats or dogs.

For Disney people and pets: Buckle-Down Disney ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Dog Collar

This collar looks just like Sally’s dress from the movie, and it can be personalized with contact information just in case your pup gets loose on Halloween night.

And your reptiles and rodents can get in on the dress-up fun, too (if they don’t mind dressing up, that is). Check out some of our favorite costumes for bearded dragons and guinea pigs.

Next, make sure your pet stays as safe as possible come Halloween night

Here are a few safety tips you can follow to make Halloween night with your pet super safe and stress-free.

Pet-proof your decorations

Hide cords under carpets, tape them to walls or use cord covers to prevent pets from chewing on them. And always make sure you’re keeping candles up and away from pets so they can’t hurt themselves or cause serious trouble. Better yet, opt for LED flameless candles if you can’t keep your eye on your BFF while tending to trick-or-treaters.

Keep candy out of reach

Candy contains toxic ingredients that can cause your dog, cat or small pet serious trouble if ingested. Make sure your candy bowl is somewhere pets can’t get to it, and advise your trick-or-treaters to keep their candy locked away from curious pets.

If you’re headed out trick-or-treating, grab a light-up collar

If your pet is going to be joining you on your trick-or-treating adventure, you can pick him up a safety LED collar, which basically acts as a glowstick and makes him easier to see in the dark.

Check out the Nite Ize NiteHowl LED Safety Dog Collar on Chewy for $10.

The Nite Ize collar is great because it’s fully adjustable and can fit any size neck — just measure how large your collar needs to be, trim it to size and you’re good to go. Plus the batteries in this collar are replaceable so you can use it for future nighttime walks or bring it back out next Halloween.

To prevent doorbell-related stress, calming treats may help your pet keep his cool

Some dogs and cats aren’t very social (or maybe they try to be a bit too social when the doorbell rings), and Halloween night can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for pets who overreact to the doorbell. So when trick-or-treaters come knocking, you should consider giving your dog or cat a calming treat ahead of time.

For dogs, check out the PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats on Chewy for $29.

And for cats, try the HomeoPet Feline Anxiety Relief Drops on Chewy for $15.

You may want to test out these treats and treatments ahead of Halloween night to make sure your dog or cat reacts well to the suggested serving size, and, with your vet’s help, adjust accordingly.

And give him something to work on (like a treat or puzzle toy) to keep him busy during trick-or-treating time.

This jack-o’-lantern treat dispenser from Chewy for $10 may do the trick.

If your pet is an escape artist, install a safety gate on your front door.

To make sure your pet stays inside when trick-or-treaters arrive, you can install a temporary pet gate in front of your front door. Freestanding gates can be propped up outside the door jamb and can be secured to the house using zip ties and hooks.

Check out this freestanding pet gate from Pet Adobe available on Chewy for $60.

Or, you can leave your front door open and install a gate that pressure mounts to the jamb.

This pet gate from Carlson Pet, available on Chewy for $54, features a door for easy in-and-out access.

Then, make sure your pet has plenty of treats (and not of the candy variety)

Because candy isn’t good for dogs and cats, you can pick up some on-theme treats for them so they don’t have to miss out on all the fun!

For pups who love crunch: Blue Buffalo Boo Bars Crunchy Dog Treats

Flavored with pumpkin and cinnamon, these tasty treats will put your dog in the Halloween spirit. Each treat is shaped like a classic Halloween ghost, jack-o’-lantern or bat!

A special treat for a special day: The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Muttster Mash Pup-PIE

Rather than candy, give your dog his very own Halloween pie! The Lazy Dog Co. crafted a spooky season treat that comes in a pie shape, complete with dog-friendly icing and sprinkles.

For cats who love festivities, too: Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Pumpkin Jack Splash Pouch

Cats can get Halloween treats, too! These “Pumpkin Jack Splash”-flavored food pouches are actually shredded tuna served in a pumpkin soup. You can feed these pouches to your cat as dinner, or use them as toppers or treats in tandem with her normal kibble.

The perfect treat for cats ready to get wild: Temptations Creepy Catnip Flavored Treats

These Halloween-themed Temptations treats from Chewy are flavored with catnip and will instantly become your cat’s new favorite treat come Halloween night.

And toys, of course, are just as important as treats

There are more than a few Halloween-themed toys out there that will really make Halloween more fun for you and your pets. Here are some of our favorites:

For the Disney-loving pet parents: Disney Halloween Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Cat Toys

These catnip-filled plushies modeled after the Sander Sisters from “Hocus Pocus” will light the Black Flame Candle in your cat’s soul this Halloween night.

A toy for cats who love to pounce: KONG Spider Teaser Cat Toy

This creepy-crawly toy will keep your cat busy for hours on end. Not only does this KONG toy come with a fun, plush body for your cat to go after, but the spider has eight legs that will drive your cat wild.

A kicker’s best friend: Frisco Vampire & Black Cat Plush Kicker Cat Toy

If your cat loves to kick while she plays, these Halloween-themed kicker toys will become her new favorites during the spooky season. They each have feathers at the bottom and are stuffed with catnip to keep her entertained.

For dogs who love tug-of-war: KONG Halloween Floppy Knots Pumpkin Dog Toy

This knotted jack-o’-lantern toy from KONG is great for small- or medium-sized dogs. The arms and legs are totally knotted, giving pups something to chew on, and the middle section of the toy has a squeaker that makes playtime so much more fun.

A dog toy that’s not so spooky: GoDog Furballz Chew Toy

This little Halloween-y plush toy is perfect for larger dogs who love to squeak and play. It’s made with a dense faux fur that feels great on dogs’ gums, and the cute eyeball motif is a fun take on the spooky theme.

For Halloween day fetch with your pup: KONG Halloween Sport Balls

Before night falls, play a game of fetch with your pup using the KONG Halloween Sport Balls set. The pack of three are decorated with Halloween colors and phrases, and one even has a jack-o’-lantern face on it!

With all these incredible costumes, treats, safety tips and toys, this Halloween will be the best one ever!

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