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Why Not Dress Your Pet Up For July Fourth?

Now you have Fourth of July plans 🙌

pet outfits 4th of july

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There’s no way around it: Fourth of July will look a bit different for most people this year. But if you’re stuck at home with your pet, why not dress him up? 

Pets tend to look even better than people in red, white and blue. So we rounded up some of the most unique items to help your cat or dog feel like the life of the party — even if that party’s postponed ’til 2021. 

(Remember, the most important thing is making sure your dog or cat is safe and comfortable on the Fourth of July, especially around fireworks — check out our tips for cats or dogs.)

Americana Stars Pet Sunglasses

4th of july pet sunglasses

Made just for pets, these adorable ’merica sunglasses have a handy strap to keep them on for that perfect picture. Do it for the ’gram. 

Buy them now on PetSmart for $7.47

American Flag Bandana

pet bandanas 4th of july

These bandanas scream Americana, and you get two in each pack! They’re the perfect way to keep your pet patriotic for that BBQ — even if you and them are the only guests.

Buy it now on Amazon for $12.99

American Flag Cat Collar

cat collars 4th of july

Your cat’s probably happy to stay away from the crowds — but that doesn’t mean she can’t dress up for the occasion. These collars will also fit small dogs.

Buy it now on Amazon for $10.99

Cooling Water Bowl

muttropolis pet water bowl

If you plan to spend a lot of time outside with your pet, you can help keep their water cold with this bowl. Just freeze it overnight and boom! Best part is you can reuse it all summer long.

Buy it now on Muttropolis for $27

American Flag Dog Tutu

dog tutu 4th of july

What dog wouldn’t love showing off their patriotic side in their prettiest tutu? If you have a dog who loves dressing up, she’ll love this comfy — and perfectly themed — tutu.

Buy it now on Etsy for $14+

Americana Flag Pet Tee

dog flag tee shirt

Nothing says July 4th like a classic flag tee — and it’s nice and comfy, for pets who aren’t fans of elaborate costumes.

Buy it now at PetSmart for $7.47

4th of July Headband and Bandana Set

4th of july pet bandana

For the owner who loves matching with her pet, this set will make sure everyone knows you belong together.

Buy it now at Etsy for $10+

Stars & Stripes Dog Cookies

dog cookies 4th of july

Since July 4th is THE day for themed red, white and blue foods, why not get a little festive with your pup’s treats, too? These are made with all-natural, organic ingredients, so they’re healthier than sneaking him a snack off the human table.

Buy it now at Etsy for $10

American Flag Dog Leash

4th of july dog leash

This leash is the perfect way to show off your dog to the neighborhood in all his patriotic glory. Bonus point if you get the matching collar, too.

Buy it now at Chewy for $7.44

BBQ Button Up Shirt

dog button up shirt

This is for the chill dog who wants to dress up for the BBQ but doesn’t want to be TOO over-the-top when it comes to his outfit. With this Hawaiian-themed shirt, he’ll still be handsome while keeping that low profile.

Buy it now at Muttropolis for $40

4th of July Cat Flower Crown

cat flower crown 4th of july

Your cat is going to be a hit in this red, white and blue adjustable flower crown. And if she’s not a headband kind of cat, you can always just have her wear it as a collar.

Buy it now at Etsy for $6.99+

Stars and Stripes Dog Dress

dog dress 4th of july

This is the perfect dress for the dog who likes to get a little extra special attention. Those frills? C’mon! *heart eyes*

Buy it now at Muttropolis for $38

Rocket Pupsicle

dog pupsicle toy

This toy has extra fluff and two squeakers — perfect for keeping your pup occupied while you fire up the grill.

Buy it now at Barkshop for $14

Red Stars Dog and Cat Collar Bow

cat dog collar

This patriotic flower bow easily attaches to your dog or cat’s collar. It’s a great way to include pets who aren’t fans of dressing up. 

Buy it now at Etsy for $7+

Rustic Patriotic Bandanas

flag bandanas pets

These bandanas are perfect for the pet who wants to celebrate the holiday in a less flashy way. And the muted patterns mean you can reuse them all summer.

Buy it now at Etsy for $10.75+