11 Panda Facts That We're Obsessed With

Facts about pandas you might not know 🐼

Adorable, cuddly and always found with bamboo, pandas are animals who seem to just love lounging around — and that’s a way of life we fully support.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite (and super cute) panda facts so that you can learn even more about these beautiful animals.

11 surprising panda facts for kids and adults to enjoy

1. Pandas live in China

In the wild, you can find giant pandas in the temperate forests of southwest China. This mountainous, rainy environment is perfect for pandas to find their favorite food: bamboo.

Most giant pandas can be found in the Sichuan province, but they also inhabit areas in the neighboring provinces of Shaanxi and Gansu.

2. Pandas are bears

One of the eight species of bears, giant pandas (sometimes called panda bears) are, in fact, bears.


3. Pandas are shy

Pandas like to keep to themselves and don’t venture into areas where people live.

4. Pandas are tree climbers

Even though giant pandas are adorably chunky, they’re also talented at climbing trees!

Jono Photography/Shutterstock.com

5. Pandas are born with their eyes closed

Born totally blind due to their eyes being closed, pandas don’t open their eyes until around 8 weeks old!

6. Pandas start tiny but grow big and strong

Although a newborn panda weighs only about 3–5 ounces (the weight of one stick of butter), they grow up fast.

Female pandas can grow up to be approximately 200 pounds, while their male counterparts can get up to 300 pounds!

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7. Pandas really do love bamboo

In fact, a panda eats around 26–84 pounds of bamboo per day depending on which part of the plant they’re eating!

8. Pandas love eating and sleeping

The two best activities, pandas spend most of their time just eating and sleeping the day away. In general, pandas sleep for about two to four hours at a time and then will eat for four hours!

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9. Pandas don’t hibernate

Unlike the other bear species, pandas don’t hibernate in the cold months (mainly because they genuinely can’t stop eating — and bamboo isn’t nutritious enough to allow them to last hibernating!).

Instead, a panda may migrate to a slightly warmer area when it gets cold, but that’s about it.

10. Pandas are very strong

Although they look cuddly and sweet, giant pandas are actually really strong and do attack if they feel threatened. Of course, you probably won’t see them in the wild since they’re so shy, but if you do, it’s a good idea to just keep your distance.


11. Giant pandas and red pandas aren’t the same

Although most people picture the black-and-white giant panda when they think of pandas, the red panda is the “original panda” and looks totally different (but just as cute) as a giant panda.

We hope you loved these panda facts as much as we do!