The 9 Most Dog Friendly Cities Totally Worth The Trip

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If you want to take your dog on an awesome vacation, you’re probably on the hunt for some dog-friendly cities that’ll welcome your dog in all his doggie glory.

Whether you’re looking for amazing off-leash dog parks or restaurants that’ll not only let your dog hang out, but also offer your pup his own doggie menu, there’s a dog-friendly city for every type of traveler.The Dodo rounded up the most dog-friendly cities (in no particular order) that’ll warmly welcome both you and your pup. So put that dog crate in the car because your next road trip is going to be epic.

Austin, Texas

Number of dog parks: 18

All you have to do is visit Austin once to know it’s a city for dog lovers. Whether you’re at an outdoor bar or down by the river to watch the nightly bat spectacle, there will most likely be a dog there, and he’ll probably be getting a ton of love from the locals.

Not only are dogs welcomed in many restaurants, but they can even enjoy some grub of their own. Like at Fat City Stacks, where a dog-friendly menu has “canine meatballs” and “all dogs go to heaven ice cream” made just for their doggie guests.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Number of dog parks: 12

Utah is well-loved by outdoor enthusiasts, so that makes it a perfect place for a dog to have a good time, too.

Since there’s a ton of epic hikes in Salt Lake City, you’ll have no problem finding trails that are less strenuous so you can happily take your dog along, too. Well-behaved pups can run off-leash on trails at Memory Grove Off Leash Area at Freedom Trail and Sugarhouse Park, just to name a few.

Orlando, Florida

Number of dog parks: 14

Orlando isn’t just for Disney lovers. In fact, there are over 110 dog-friendly hotels there (many of which will let your BFF stay for free).

This makes Orlando the perfect place for a vacation that’ll allow you to go visit the parks and come back to hang out with your pup — and then bring her to one of Orlando’s 14 dog parks!

Portland, Oregan

Number of dog parks: 33

With more dog parks per capita than any other large city in the U.S., there’s no doubt that Portland is the place to be for our furry companions.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike in nature or a leisurely stroll downtown, you can find exactly which adventure you’re looking for in Portland. Once you’re ready for some food, head over to the Tin Shed Garden Cafe to check out their doggie menu, which features chicken and potatoes and a special dog-friendly dessert.

San Diego, California

Number of dog parks: 18

If you’re looking for a road trip that ends with beaches and sun, San Diego is for you. Not only are there 18 off-leash dog parks there, but there are also tons of dog-friendly beaches and restaurants that will happily welcome your tail-wagging bestie.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Number of dog parks: 10

Not only is Colorado Springs breathtaking, but it’s the perfect city to visit with your dog.

If long hikes are your thing, the Garden of the Gods is a National Natural Landmark that allows leashed dogs to explore 21 miles of stunning hiking trails.

If your dog loves swimming, the off-leash park at Stratton Open Space welcomes well-behaved dogs to swim in their large lake.

Seattle, Washington

Number of dog parks: 18

As long as you can manage the rainy weather, you’ll totally want to visit Seattle, which is a city that loves dogs.

If heading outside in the rain isn’t for you, there are two indoor dog parks — House of Ruff and Dogwood Play Park (this one’s also a bar!).

You also don’t need to worry about getting around because dogs are welcomed on city buses, light rails and ferries.

Chicago, Illinois

Number of dog parks: 32

If you’re walking down the block and spot some bowls of water with ice outside of a restaurant on a hot day, you’re probably hanging out in Chi-Town.

There’s also Montrose Dog Beach, the city’s first-ever off-leash dog beach, where your pup can take a dip in Lake Michigan.

Boston, Massachusetts

Number of dog parks: 15

Not only does Boston have a cool vibe, but the people will be just as obsessed with your dog as you are. Don’t believe us? Stop by a bar who hosts a ‘Yappy Hour,’ which is when you can bring your pup along with you to the bar.

Your dog can also ride on the subway during off-peak hours and even hop aboard a dog-friendly cruise of Boston Harbor.

Tucson, Arizona

Number of dog parks: 14

If you love going outside, Tucson has perfect (dry) weather year-round.

Not only that, but there are tons of scenic desert trails and dog-friendly businesses for you to enjoy. You can even visit the inside of the Pima Air and Space Museum with your dog on-leash.

There’s nothing like making memories with your pup. These dog-friendly cities are the perfect destinations to create a lasting bond with your pup — and have the best time while doing it!