You Could Be Twinning With Your Dog In These Matching Christmas Sweaters

Because what’s more iconic than matching Christmas sweaters?

matching dog christmas sweater

Matching Christmas sweaters are so cheesy that they’re fun. And it doesn’t get any better than matching Christmas sweaters with your dog!

You and your pup will be the biggest hit at your holiday party in your twinning getups.

So if you want to take the “pet parents who look like their dogs” trope to the next level this Christmas, look no further!

We rounded up some of the best matching dog Christmas sweater sets (and some shirt sets) to help you match with your dog.

The best matching dog Christmas sweater options for dressing up this holiday

These adorably tacky sweaters: Holiday Greeting Matching Sweater Set

This bright red set has everything you could want from your holiday sweaters: candy canes, ornaments, gingerbread men and cozy cottages.

Sweaters featuring a classic Christmas staple: Matching Christmas Tree Sweaters

Nothing beats a classic sweater with a Christmas tree pattern for you and your pup.

A gorgeous red-and-white turtleneck: Blueberry Pet Fair Isle Christmas Sweaters For Pets And People

If you want something slightly less tacky, this sweater might be more your speed. (But you have to get your pet’s sweater and your own sweater separately.)

The perfect sweaters for a snowless Christmas: Llama And Cactus Matching Ugly Christmas Sweater Set

This sweatshirt works for anyone who’s spending Christmas in a warmer place (or just wishes they were). You don’t need snow to celebrate, after all.

These beautiful wintery sweaters: Blueberry Pet Vintage Ugly Christmas Sweater For Pets And People

This design is so pretty it’s no wonder you’d want to share it with your pup. (The human option and the dog option are sold separately.)

So when you’re picking out your own holiday outfit this year, grabbing a matching dog Christmas sweater will really take your celebration to the next level.

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