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People Are Grooming Their Cats With Their Mouths

We've been inside way too long 😂

licki cat brush

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Just when you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to weird cat products, this pops up.

There’s actually a grooming brush that will let you “lick” your cat.

This isn’t a joke. The Licki Brush is a grooming tool you hold in your mouth when brushing your cat.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Maybe it is, but it can also be pretty cute when you think about it. You would essentially be using this brush to mimic the way your cat’s mom groomed her when she was a kitten.

So if you’re looking to strengthen your bond with your cat in the sweetest, weirdest way — or just want a Licki Brush for laughs — you should totally try this out!

Get the Licki Brush from Amazon for $25

And if the Licki Brush is a bit much for you, you could always try a cat tongue brush that you hold in your hand, instead.

Like this one from Amazon for $11.49

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