These Plant-Based Jerky Treats Are Dog-Approved

Sneak a few more veggies into your dog’s diet with these treats.

plant-based jerky treats for dogs

Whether you use them as a distraction or a reward for good behavior, chewy treats are a great way to add a unique texture into your dog’s diet.

And if your dog is a jerky fan like mine are, there’s good news: Some pet food companies are now making plant-based versions of these treats that feature all of the chewy goodness of traditional jerky minus the meat and the pungent smells that go along with it.

Having tested out the plant-based jerky treats from four leading brands, I can safely say that these treats are all dog-approved by my own two pups, who happily scarfed them down.

dog eat jerky treat
Margeaux Baulch Klein

The best plant-based jerky treats for dogs

These great-smelling and easy-to-chew jerky treats: CLIF PET Plant Based Jerky Pumpkin and Apple Recipe Dog Treat

Available in pumpkin/apple and sweet potato/blueberry flavors, these CLIF PET treats were the best-smelling to my human nose and have a very pleasant, light scent. They come in long strips, which makes them ideally sized for larger dogs, but they’re not hard to break into bite-sized pieces for a smaller treat, thanks to a texture that I would compare to a cereal bar. I also appreciated that these treats utilize apple juice concentrate to add sweetness and have an ingredient list that’s just seven easily recognizable ingredients long.

A slightly chewier hickory smoke option: ChewMax Pet Products Meatless Jerky Natural Chew Dog Treats

For a stronger scent and a chewier texture, these hickory-smoke-flavored ChewMax jerky treats struck me as closer to meat-like than the more fruit-forward CLIF PET jerky. They’re slightly harder to break apart, but they come in smaller, bite-sized pieces, so you don’t really need to. Plus, these have the highest percentage of fiber of any of the treats on this list, thanks to the flaxseed and chia seeds in them.

These extra-chewy jerky treats: Disney Table Scraps Vegan Surf-N-Turf Recipe Jerky Dog Treats

For an ultra-chewy treat that will take your dog more than a few seconds to eat, these Disney Table Scraps jerky treats are the chewiest of all the ones my dogs tried and boast a very thick texture that was nearly impossible for me to break apart with my hands. (Fortunately, they’re already cut into relatively small pieces.) They have a natural steak- and lobster-like flavoring to appeal to dogs but are made with wholesome, vegan ingredients. They’re also available in a meatless meatloaf variety.

Jerky treats that give back to charity: Newman's Own Plant-Based Hickory Smoke Flavor Jerky Dog Treats

Another great option for hickory-smoke-flavored meatless jerky treats are these Newman’s Own ones. Pea protein and sweet potato are the first two ingredients in these smaller-sized, chewy jerky pieces. Plus, like all Newman’s Own products, 100 percent of the profits are donated to charity, so you can feel extra good about buying these treats.

Curious about other plant-based food options for pets? Take a look at these vegan dog food brands that vets recommend.

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